Truck Map Online

You don’t know whether a online-only truck GPS navigation is the right solution for your telematics application? We have compiled the most important information for you in a decision aid.

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Truck Parking

More than 20,000 truck parking options listed in our GPS app – truck GPS navigation and truck parking search all in one app! Find out here how we implement the important topic of parking for truck drivers in MapTrip!

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Online GPS Navigation

Install the app and start driving immediately! Forget about time-consuming copying of huge road maps and tedious updates. MapTrip Online makes life easier! Learn more here…

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Navigation für LKW

GPS Truck Routes

New release of truck GPS navigation with truck parking, improved interface and more accurate congestion avoidance.

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Route Planner App

With the Detour Editor you can change truck attributes stored in the map such as clearance height & width yourself and prioritize or avoid roads.

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Navigation Feuerwehr

Emergency – GPS Navigation

The fire department Wuppertal is using MapTrip 112. Fire chief Dirk Schucka explains the advantages compared to a regular GPS navigation.

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New Release: Truck GPS SDK

The new SDK 9.0 is now available. With our new map data format we can now reduce the map data size significantly. Read the changelog for more improvements.

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Navigation im Wald

Forest GPS

Some navigation destinations are not on public roads but on forest or field paths. Or they are not on any road at all, but in the middle of the terrain. With the navigation app MapTrip FollowMe you can still reach such destinations. How to show how it works.

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GPS Route Planning

Send optimized tours from the tour planning directly to the navigation in the garbage truck? Read how we implemented this in successful teamwork between infoware, gts Systems and Consulting gmbH and 3kb GmbH, and how the solution makes everyday work much easier for the drivers and dispatchers of EGN mbh.

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