AddSecure GmbH - All-in-one fleet management with truck navigation

AddSecure is a pan-European company that offers, among other things, telematics products for the transport and logistics sector. With AddSecure you can automatically capture, collect and enrich transport and logistics data to provide the necessary customer service at the lowest possible cost. More about AddSecure…

Help your drivers find the right way to their destination. Keep control of driver activities and simplify communication between drivers. AddSecure’s driver management solution includes the tools you need to manage your drivers well and support them professionally. To improve the entire logistics chain, AddSecure will help you maximise accuracy, predictability, transparency and delivery planning while minimising costs and emission levels.

AddSecure uses MapTrip Truck.

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AIXDATA GmbH - Services for waste management

AIXDATA GmbH is a service provider and telematics supplier for waste management. It prepares waste assessments, concepts, advises on RFID and telematics and develops software. In addition, AIXDATA optimises your biowaste with the help of the practice-oriented “BioScan”. More about AIXDATA…

In times of demographic change, it is important to record the knowledge of your experienced permanent staff. With the application from AIXDATA, you can record the tours and driving sequences for e.g. refuse collection, sweeping, wastebasket emptying or winter service at the touch of a button. If desired, you can edit and optimise the recorded tours via an online map. Additional information such as “reverse”, “bin overflow”, “bin defective”, etc. can be recorded during the recording.

AIXDATA uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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ATRON electronic GmbH - GPS navigation for public transport buses

ATRON has been working for 40 years with integrated, open and scalable system solutions and the digitization of business processes. In the area of public transport, their aim is to increase the efficiency for the public transport companies and the comfort for the passengers in order to transport as many people as possible door-to-door in a climate-friendly way. That's why they work day by day on intelligent solutions for cities and regions. Read more about ATRON…

Transport companies are increasingly using changing drivers who are unfamiliar with the area. This makes navigation necessary even for scheduled buses with fixed routes. Especially in big cities, there are always changes to the routes due to closures, road works or accidents. The ATRON Route Guide complements the software of the on-board computer with our navigation software MapTrip and thus offers a tool that connects our navigation with the journey planning system in the background. New routes are no longer a problem for drivers.

ATRON uses MapTrip SDK.

GPS navigation for public buses

Axians Athos GmbH - software solutions and services for waste management

The industry know-how, consulting expertise and software solutions of Axians Athos GmbH extend across all business areas of the municipal and commercial waste and disposal industry. Regardless of whether it’s a large or small district, a single function or a complete package, Axians Athos can do it! More about Axians Athos…

This solution allows the seamless integration of telematics services into the operative logistical business processes. The planned order and control tours are transferred to telematics systems and the tour-related performance data recorded in the vehicle are automatically transferred. This creates advantages in efficiency, flexibility, transparency, service and safety. I.e. smart telematics based on Android, lane line-guided control tours with work instructions, tour tracking, tour recording and visualisation.

Axians Athos uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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Boschung - GPS navigation for winter road maintenance

Boschung is a Swiss company with worldwide activities. Its technically advanced products ensure clean roads and surfaces at the world’s largest airports, busiest highways and busiest cities and towns. Read more about Boschung…

Work smarter and safer. Hands-free spreading for maximum safety and efficiency. Automate your spreading activities with BORRMA-Nav, GPS-guided spreading, and ensure the most accurate application and dosage. Instructions are issued directly on the Vpad with map and voice guidance. Let the driver concentrate on the traffic while BORRMA-Nav ensures the job is done with maximum efficiency.

Boschung uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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c-trace GmbH - System solutions for the waste management industry

c-trace is the German market leader in system and logistics systems for private and municipal customers. c-trace develops sustainable hardware and software systems with vehicle-based RFID solutions. More about c-trace…

You want to be in touch with your vehicles in real time? c-trace sends the telemetry data recorded on the vehicle directly to your office or mobile device. Current stand positions and tour histories are displayed on maps and evaluated via the c-ware software. The automatic, two-way flow of information also pays off in order management. Driver support systems, such as route recording with FollowMe, make your employees’ daily routine easier and more predictable. You can deploy your drivers more efficiently and ensure that the optimal routes are driven.

c-trace uses MapTrip FollowMe.

Touchboard c-trace

DATCOM protelematik GmbH - Telematics for cash transports

DATCOM protelematik offers industry-specific GPS solutions for tracking, navigation, telematics and fleet management from a single source. Solutions can be realised in various application areas and industries, from simple vehicle or object tracking to fully integrated fleet management. More about DATCOM protelematik…

DATCOM protelematik offers fleet companies the perfect and easy-to-install solution to bring their goods safely and reliably to their destination. By using the latest communication technologies, GPS technology and flexible data processing, telematics systems can greatly facilitate the daily work in a fleet company. With DATCOM you can optimise processes, avoid empty runs or detours, satisfy customers, save costs and increase profitability at the same time.

DATCOM protelematik uses MapTrip.

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EPS Nufatron - Flottenmanagement - Automatic destination guidance with truck navigation

EPS Software Engineering AG is a software and IoT company founded in Switzerland in 1971. They design and implement under the brand NUFATRON innovative software solutions with which their customers master today’s challenges in logistics and fleet management and are also prepared for future disruptive changes. More about Nufatron…

In the modern world, the demands on transport and logistics companies are higher than ever. That’s why they need more than just an ordinary fleet management system. Invest in a solution that helps you meet your challenges – from complying with industry regulations and meeting specific customer needs to reducing costs, improving navigation and driver satisfaction. EPS NUFATRON provides an intelligent solution that empowers you to make informed decisions and ensure error-free transportation planning and freight cost optimisation.

EPS Nufatron uses MapTrip Truck.

Nufatron Navi

ESC GmbH & Co. KG - Telematics for road fleets with truck navigation

ESC is a high-tech company developing innovative vehicle information systems. ESC’s technologically leading solutions meet with worldwide recognition and are used for truck/car fleets, goods logistics, machinery fleets, business vehicles and for research and development tasks. Learn more about ESC GmbH…

ESC offers hardware for online data collection, telematics equipment for the driver’s workplace and a comprehensive app as an interface to the driver. The CIMBA driver app can be used on any Android device. In combination with the Blackbox traveltainer TM or TTM, the result is a service portfolio that leaves nothing to be desired. Tracking, navigation, scanner, photography, message and order communication, speedometer download, driving time, expenses, FMS-CAN vehicle data, driving style analysis, departure checklists, digital driver’s manual, telephone and much more.

ESC uses MapTrip Truck.

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Feuerwehr Wuppertal - Special navigation for the fire brigade

The fire brigade from the Bergisches Land is also feeling the effects of social change. Employees change employers and places of residence more frequently. As a result, vehicle crews no longer know their way around so well. That’s why today’s fire brigade also needs good navigation systems to arrive at the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible. More about the Wuppertal fire brigade…

In the event of an operation, the fire brigade must not only arrive reliably at the right place – but also as quickly as possible. Analogue navigation with city maps has been replaced by digital navigation systems for this purpose. The Wuppertal fire brigade has found an individual solution for a navigation system that takes its special needs fully into account. Before setting off, the vehicles receive an exact deployment address in the form of a coordinate from the deployment control system. Subsequently, the crew only has to click on the navigation button.

The Wuppertal fire brigade uses MapTrip 112.

Navigation für die Feuerwehr Wuppertal

GIPA mbH - Software for waste collection and disposal logistics

Gesellschaft für Informationssysteme und Prozessautomation mbH (Society for information systems and process automation), GIPA mbH for short, is a supra-regionally active software company from Potsdam. The purpose of the company is the development, distribution, support and maintenance of the software product CANDIS and related extensions. More about GIPA…

CANDIS is one of the leading software solutions for waste disposal, recycling and raw materials management in collection, transport logistics and recovery. Electronic waste verification and telematics solutions. The collection and transport of waste and recyclables must be organised quickly, flexibly and always up-to-date. With CANDIS you can plan and evaluate collection tours. IT-supported route planning and result feedback are the basis of the business and are effectively supported in CANDIS.

GIPA uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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GPSmobile - Telecommunications and IT Solutions in Chile

GPSmobile specialises in monitoring and locating assets and vehicle fleets through tracking systems that use GPS technology. The company provides positioning, telecommunication and IT solutions to improve their clients’ internal control and management processes. More about GPSmobile…

Coordinate your transport fleet with the most advanced GPS technology that improves performance. With greater control, you increase productivity and reduce costs. With the service GPSmobile offers, you can directly contribute to reducing costs, increasing productivity and solving external problems for your company. Thanks to GPSmobile’s online service, you can communicate with your vehicles in real time.

GPSmobile uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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GPSoverIP GmbH - vehicle tracking and fleet management in environmental services

GPSoverIP is the telematics protocol made in Germany with which nothing stands in the way of your fleet control. Whether transmission of the digital tacho, FMS bus / CAN bus, electronic logbook, from simple car tracking to order control. With GPSoverIP, no tracking wishes remain unfulfilled. More about GPSoverIP…

The GPSauge IN1 v.2 defines a new performance class for premium telematics systems and sets completely new standards in processing and features. What’s in the GPSauge IN1 v.2 – navigation, order management, live positioning, telemetry data, remote download, statistics, industry-specific contacting, logbook, expense report and much more.

GPSoverIP uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH - Route planning and optimisation for waste management

The mission of gts is to optimise your logistics processes through intelligent and future-proof systems so that your company is miles ahead. With gts you can optimise your processes, plan, coordinate and schedule more efficiently, reduce costs, save time and create transparency, and much more. More about gts…

Whether daily waste disposal, container logistics, area planning or the creation of multi-day tours – with the TransIT software application you can transparently and easily plan tour lengths and stops, combine transport orders into multi-day tours and order them directly from TransIT. The telematics system linked to the software allows you to transmit daily updated plans and orders directly to the vehicles on tour and to transfer optimised tours to our navigation system.

gts uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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Informaticon AG -Business Software for the Building Materials Industry and Waste Disposal

With its Business Software and IT Services divisions, the Swiss company from Thun provides its customers with competitive advantages through innovative products and services and supports them in meeting the challenges of increasing digitalisation. More about informaticon…

You can supplement the Dispo module with the integrated fleet management system developed under Android. Orders are sent directly to the drivers and the current order status is continuously transmitted back to Dispo. In this way, the dispatcher has an overview of the entire fleet at all times and can react better to unplanned events. The operation of the tablets is simple, workflows are customised. The driver can be conveniently navigated to a location recorded in the software.

Informaticon uses MapTrip Truck.

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info-tech solutions GmbH & CO. KG - Telematics for winter road maintenance and waste disposal

info-tech solutions from Feldberg in the Black Forest offers telematics for winter service, cleaning, green maintenance, playground road control and litter storage evaluation. In combination with the info-tech firmware, the info-tech electronics provide very good, optimal and versatile results. More about info-tech solutions….

Often, disposal is supported by transponders on the disposal containers. This serves the fairness of the fees and ensures the correct billing of the fees with the citizen. This results in a large field of activity for info-tech telematics in this area as well. Last but not least, the basic recording of the disposal tours with the route performance, the recording of the number of emptied containers with a theoretical bulk volume, the tracking down of the black bin etc. usually already brings the first successful approach to tour optimisation. Of course, the info-tech telematics provides proof of disposal.

info-tech uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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MINOVA Information Services GmbH - Logistics solution for the mineral oil business

For over 30 years, the name MINOVA has been known in the petroleum industry for competent software solutions that they develop for the market in a team of experts. With its products TTA, DISPO, AFIS, SAM and SIS, MINOVA covers the requirements of tank farm operators, energy traders, freight forwarders through to airport administrations. More about Minova…

DISPO is a tool that supports the dispatcher in the energy market in his daily work. The specifics of the industry are taken into account. DISPO cannot and does not want to replace the dispatcher – it puts him at the centre of an efficient handling of the delivery traffic. The reason for this lies in the specifics of the mineral oil industry: e.g. the simple changing of a tour, although the vehicle has already loaded or the first customers have already been supplied. Through the possible connection of the vehicles, navigation is integrated.

Minova uses MapTrip Truck.

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MOBA MOBILE AUTOMATION AG - Container identification, mobile scales, telematics and software for the waste management industry

The know-how and many years of experience in automation technology distinguish MOBA as a globally successful company in the development and manufacture of identification / weighing systems as well as software solutions. More about MOBA…

With MOBA's telematics solution, vehicles can be located, vehicle tracks and other data recorded on the vehicle can be recorded and visualised in an internet portal. With the on-board computer "MOBA-Operand" and the mobile computer "MOBA Mini-Operand", electronic order processing is also possible. An on-board scale or an identification system can also be connected via CAN interface. Online data exchange with the user's ERP software is possible via standard interfaces.

MOBA uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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MSE Camsoft - Navigation for truck-mounted concrete pumps

If you see on construction sites how concrete is pumped by means of a truck-mounted concrete pump even under the most difficult local conditions, then the use of this concrete pump is most likely controlled by the ERP system DAISY from MSE Camsoft. More about MSE Camsoft …

With DAISY in the highest expansion stage with vehicle connection, all data is transmitted within seconds by radio: From the vehicle to the control centre or workshop and vice versa. The pump driver easily finds his way to the construction site using the truck navigation, which is integrated into the DAISY mobile application on the built-in DAISY on-board computer with tablet PC. At the construction site, the driver simply completes the stored order data and has its correctness confirmed by the signature of the site manager on the display of the tablet PC.

MSE Camsoft uses MapTrip Truck.

Navigatoin für Autobetonpumpen

Naviman Telematics - Fleet Telematics with Truck Navigation

Naviman Telematics, based in Gdansk, Poland, provides premium software and hardware for truck fleets. This enables them to improve operational efficiency, the sustainability of their business and the safety of their employees. Read more about Naviman Telematics…

Today, the transport industry expects a telemetry supplier to provide comprehensive solutions with the most modern, user-friendly and trouble-free product range. Transport companies need to monitor the entire transport chain and collect telemetry data on the condition and equipment of their fleet. By implementing Naviman’s advanced telemetry solutions, you can surprise less and less, and the recorded telemetry data will quickly become a determinant of savings and improving your company’s operations. You can use Naviman to set reference routes for your fleet and create a consistent POI point base for your entire team.

Naviman Telematics uses MapTrip Truck.

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PDI Software - Logistics for fuel deliveries

PDI Software’s comprehensive logistics management solution helps carriers in more than 38 countries safely and profitably deliver more than 360 million litres of fuel and petroleum products to their destinations every day. Maximise productivity and profits while increasing visibility and control from the shelf to the pump. More about PDI Software …

Digital transformation is changing the way companies work. The fuel logistics industry is no different. Retailers, wholesalers and carriers on six continents rely on PDI Logistics Cloud to meet the complex demands of fuel delivery. With PDI Logistics Cloud, businesses can grow and become more agile while maintaining the flexibility needed to respond to the changing demands and dynamics of the industry.

PDI Software uses MapTrip Truck.

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PROLOGA GmbH - Software solutions for the waste management industry with SAP connection

PROLOGA GmbH has been a software manufacturer and IT service provider with a focus on the utilities and waste management industries for over 20 years. The experience in these industries has made PROLOGA a long-standing and reliable partner of SAP SE. More about PROLOGA…

Do you want to be successful in the waste management industry? Then you need a solution that fits the current and future challenges of your industry like a tailor-made suit. SAP Waste and Recycling by PROLOGA offers you the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition in an innovative and growth-oriented way. These include not only functionality for the automated planning and billing of your orders but also solutions for the mobile order management.

PROLOGA uses MapTrip FollowMe.


Rosenbauer - Fully integrated special navigation for emergency forces

Rosenbauer International AG, based in Austria, is the world's leading manufacturer of firefighting technology for defensive fire protection and disaster management. As a full-range supplier, Rosenbauer offers not only firefighting vehicles and equipment, but also Digital Solutions such as fleet, drone and incident management. More about Rosenbauer…

Since 2010, Rosenbauer has offered an in-house developed software solution for an incident management system. Through a full integration of the special navigation MapTrip 112, Rosenbauer was able to expand its portfolio, which has the goal of bringing first responder safely and quickly through their mission. For this purpose, the coordinates of the operation site are transferred directly to the software and automatically transmitted to all tablets of the individual vehicles and the mobile devices of the individual emergency forces. Navigation starts automatically and valuable time can be saved during operations.

Rosenbauer uses MapTrip 112.

Rosenbauer Navigation

Rotes Kreuz Tirol gemeinnützigen Rettungsdienst GmbH - Navigation for the rescue service

The ground-based rescue service in the entire province of Tyrol is organised and carried out by the “Rotes Kreuz Tirol gemeinnützigen Rettungsdienst GmbH”. With about 4,000 volunteers and about 500 full-time employees and partners, they care for about 320,000 patients every year. More about the ÖRK Tirol...

From a total of more than 50 rescue and 13 emergency doctor bases, the 750,000 inhabitants and guests of Tyrol – 45 million per year – are quickly and reliably cared for around the clock. Due to the special geographical location of Tyrol with numerous mountain valleys, so-called “first responders” provide and supplement the first medical care in many regions of Tyrol “in the immediate vicinity of an emergency” until the arrival of an emergency doctor and/or ambulance. The ambulances are supported by our navigation in order to arrive at the scene of the emergency as quickly as possible.

The Austrian Red Cross Tyrol uses the MapTrip SDK.

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SSE Software GmbH - Software for mission control systems

SSE Software GmbH was founded in Augsburg in 1991 and produces control systems for the police, fire brigade, ambulance service and emergency medical services as well as control centres in industry, ambulance services and local public order services. SSE has 30 employees and today serves more than 35 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More about SSE Software GmbH…

ELS3 is the mission control system of the latest generation for the application areas ambulance transport, rescue service, emergency medical service and fire brigades. It contains modules for mission acceptance, dispatching, alerting as well as mission management, closure and reporting. In addition to a wide range of interfaces, various additional modules are available, which allow the system to be tailored to the specific application.

SSE uses the MapTrip MapAPI.

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STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions - Navigation for fire and rescue services

STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions, SISS for short, is a 100% subsidiary of STRABAG AG. Thanks to its many years of experience and independent, innovative hardware and software development, SISS is one of the leading European companies in the field of communication and safety technology. More about STRABAG…

The hybrid vehicle unit is used for voice communication between the vehicle crew and the dispatchers at the control centre as well as for data communication. One functional module is the integrated navigation system with voice output, which takes over the entire address information of the data set transmitted by the control centre at the push of a button. In combination with the GPS device, continuous real-time position data acquisition is also ensured, which enables extremely efficient dispatching of the emergency vehicles.

STRABAG SISS uses the MapTrip SDK.

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TIS Technische Informationssysteme GmbH - freight forwarding and logistics software for mobile order management

TIS GmbH, based in Bocholt, is one of the market leaders for demanding telematics projects. The company was founded in 1985 and develops intelligent telematics solutions for the transport and logistics industry as well as retail chains. More about TIS GmbH …

TISLOG logistics software offers you a powerful and flexible solution wherever flows of goods need to be monitored and controlled. Telematics and mobile order management with a system: With the mobile logistics software from TIS, your drivers are easily integrated into your IT infrastructure. TISLOG integrates all logistical processes, from order processing and seamless goods tracking to complete fleet management.

TIS GmbH uses MapTrip Truck.


Trendfire Technologies GmbH - Truck Telematics with Fleet Management

Trendfire has been offering a complete telematics solution to customers in the transport industry in Europe and the USA since 2003. Trendfire products close the information gap between the truck on the road and the dispatch centre. This includes the location of the trucks, the transmission of the vehicle data, the data collection with different sensors, the communication with the drivers and much more. No matter what your fleet is made up of, no matter what vehicle types or brands, at Trendfire you will always find the right solution for your fleet. More about Trendfire…

The drivers are seamlessly connected to the dispatching, the transport management system and the truck navigation via the Trendfire Android apps. Tours, navigation points, messages, etc. are sent directly to the drivers' smartphones. So it is always clear where the next destination is. Our professional truck navigation, in which you can store truck-specific parameters, is also seamlessly connected to the Trendfire message and tour modules and enables fast and error-free operation.

Trendfire uses MapTrip Truck.


VIVASECUR GmbH - Mission control systems and mission control technology

VIVASECUR analyses, plans and implements hardware and software solutions for authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS). The mission control systems are designed for BOS control centres (fire brigade, rescue service, police) as well as plant fire brigades and security centres in industrial companies. More about VIVASECUR…

VIVASECUR reliably supports dispatchers in their operational and administrative tasks as well as in communicating with the emergency services. The dispatching system implements the rapid transfer of deployment information in an uncomplicated and secure manner via all known alarm channels. In addition, the mobile applications for smartphone, tablet or navigation in the emergency vehicle offer a modern alternative to conventional resource alerting.


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Wanko Informationslogistik GmbH - Route planning and telematics with truck navigation

Wanko is your experienced and reliable partner for modular and customisable IT solutions for warehouse management, route planning and telematics. Wanko develops highly complex forwarding software and logistics software for you, with which you can perfectly plan, control and monitor your transports and warehouse movements. More about Wanko…

The PraBord telematics software is the ideal complement to the Wanko tour planning system. Together with the tour planning system, the telematics and fleet management solution opens up new opportunities for efficiency. In cooperation with infoware, Wanko is developing a modern navigation system with automatic transfer of the corresponding destination address and extensive feedback. In future, the navigation will follow the planned route. Thus, the route optimised in PraCar can be provided to the driver as a default.

Wanko uses MapTrip Truck.

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way4net Limited - The Future of Telematics

way4net is a medium-sized company from Dassow specialising in telematics. It sells and integrates specialised hardware for fixed installation in vehicles and the corresponding app. Whether a telematics box for pure tracking, a fleet management system with remote download or a supply chain management solution. More about way4net…

The way4fleet app transforms a smartphone or tablet into a communication centre in the vehicle. It includes functions for location, order transmission, navigation, camera, telephony, messages, driving and rest times, recording and remote reading of the driver card. The app is designed according to the modular principle, so you achieve a high degree of flexibility and scalability. Of course, you only get the functions you need. This saves you money!

way4net uses MapTrip Truck.

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XOR AG - Coordinating and navigating police blue light operations

Since 1999, the Swiss company XOR AG has been developing, among other things, tracking solutions and mission/status transmission for police and rescue services. Innovation paired with common sense characterises XOR. More about XOR AG…

Reliable, fast and clear data transmission is indispensable for protection and rescue services and often vital for survival. The XOR solutions for order and status transmission have also proven themselves for over 15 years in several hundred Swiss ambulances and police vehicles. The solution makes it possible to configure the on-board technology completely independently of the control centre and to install one’s own software. In addition, the positions of the own vehicles can be queried at any time and optionally supplemented by navigation software on the on-board computer.

XOR AG uses MapTrip.

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3kb GmbH - Telematics connection of navigation devices for the waste disposal industry

3kb GmbH, based in Fell near Trier, specialises in the telematics connection of navigation devices, enabling you to digitally map your individual business processes. More about 3kb…

3Kflow is an Android-based APP for your navigation device that allows you to digitally map your individual business processes. ERP orders are transmitted promptly and without effort, guaranteeing time savings. The digital capture and processing of data banishes paperwork forever and means that no documents are lost any more. There is also no more incorrect or even duplicate data entry.

3kb uses MapTrip FollowMe.

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