The Truckers GPS App for professional Truck Drivers

The MapTrip Truck contains as it is expected for a profesional Truckers GPS map data from TomTom or Here and thus knows all truck restrictions, prohibitions and tunnels with dangerous goods restrictions. In addition, we use LIVE and statisical traffic data, so you can be sure that you are always on the optimal route. This also benefits the calculation of driving times, so that you can give your customers precise arrival times. The routing in the Truckers GPS is designed for trucks of different sizes. Whether you are travelling in a 7.5-tonne or a 40-tonne truck, MapTrip Truck professional Truckers GPS will always guide you on the optimal route.

Truckers GPS

  • Optimized routes for trucks of all sizes
  • Truck-compatible route guidance
  • Precise calculation of arrival time
  • Optimal traffic management

Documentation and Tutorial

LKW Navigation

The full MTI documentation for developers can be found here. MTI is the abbreviation for MapTrip Interface. MTI is an easy-to-use Android interface that allows developers to control the MapTrip Truck GPS navigation app with just a few commands.

LKW Navigation

In our tutorial we will guide you step by step through the integration of the MapTrip Truck GPS navigation interface into your own application. After completing the tutorial, you will be able to integrate MapTrip GPS Navigation into your own Android app.

LKW Navigation

In this YouTube video we show you how to integrate our GPS navigation. On our YouTube Channel you will find numerous videos on development topics.

LKW Navigation

On Github you can find useful hints and examples.

Optimal Routes For Your Truck with MapTrip Truckers GPS

A good truck Truckers GPS navigation must do more than just observe weight restrictions on bridges or bypass low tunnels. These are of course important features and that is why we use the best map data available on the market for MapTrip Truck profesional Truckers GPS.

But that alone would not be enough.

For heavy trucks, MapTrip selects routes that are mostly on large, well developed roads. U-turns are of course avoided. Smaller vehicles which are also used for inner-city deliveries can also choose smaller roads to avoid detours. In addition to the dimensions, different vehicle profiles can therefore be selected so that you are always optimally guided. All settings can also be made via the interface, so that e.g. the dispatcher can guide you optimally via telematics system.

Coupling with telematics systems e.g.:

  • automated destination transfer - driver does not have to type in the truck navigation!
  • Return of the calculated arrival time
  • Return of the navigation destination, and much more.


Read about the numerous ways MapTrip Truck can be used for truck fleets in our use cases...

Optimal routes considering:

  • Height, width, length and weight
  • Dangerous goods
  • Environmental zones
  • Parking spaces

Truckers GPS

Map Trip Truck - professional GPS with Live Traffic

MapTrip Truck professional Truckers GPS uses traffic data from TomTom and Here to calculate the best route to your destination.

During the journey, the Truckers GPS app continuously checks whether there is a better route and informs you. We then display the old and the new route, as well as the time advantage and the difference in route length. So you can decide for yourself which route you want to take. If you prefer, the MapTrip Truck professional Truckers GPS can also automatically choose the fastest route.

Since we analyze traffic reports not only for highways but for all roads, MapTrip Truckers GPS can also calculate a very precise trip duration or arrival time. The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) can also be queried via inter face. This gives dispatchers a precise basis for planning.

Truckers GPS

  • Large display for a better overview
  • Traffic and route in one view
  • Freely configurable view


Test MapTrip Truck with the latest map and traffic data for free for 2 weeks.

Integrating Truck Navigation Into a Telematics System

MapTrip has extensive interfaces with which, for example, destinations can be transferred or information such as arrival time can be queried. The vehicle dimensions such as width, height or weight can also be defined via the interface. On Android Intents can be used very easily and on all other platforms the MapTrip API offers extensive integration possibilities. If you want an even deeper integration, you can use the MapTrip SDK, which of course also supports truck route planning.

Truckers GPS

Via the Intent interface of Android, MapTrip can be started very easily from your own application and a target can be passed. On our GitHub account we have provided an example. Click here to see how it works.

You want to know which type of integration is best suited for your application? Write us a message here - we will be happy to advise you!

Truckers GPS

With the MapTrip API all navigation functions can be controlled from your own app. Current information such as the current arrival time or the remaining route can be called up. Especially extensive functions are available e.g. for the control of tours where many addresses have to be approached one after the other.


Edit Truck Restrictions

Truck restrictions are stored in the map data of the truck navigation. They contain information such as the height of a tunnel, the maximum weight with which a bridge may be driven on or the width of a road. With the additional function "Detour" you can edit them yourself.

A missing truck restriction, e.g. a low tunnel, can be added in the Detour Editor with a few clicks. Existing truck restrictions can be changed or deleted completely. These functions are interesting for fire departments, for example, who do not have to adhere to the usual traffic rules during emergency trips.

But these functions are also useful for other applications, e.g. in heavy goods traffic, e.g. to record the clearance width of a construction site. Truck restrictions can also be captured automatically via the MapTrip Server API.

Warning of Hard End of Congestion in our MapTrip Truckers GPS

Suddenly appearing hard ends of traffic jams are a great danger on the highway. Rear-end collisions that happen again and again in such situations often have terrible consequences. MapTrip Truckers GPS can help to avoid such situations.

Truckers GPS

On the highway, MapTrip Truckers GPS continuously analyzes the route ahead. Based on the live traffic information, hard tailbacks can be identified. The navigation then issues a warning to increase the driver's attention.
If you want to experience for yourself how MapTrip Truck increases your safety while driving test MapTrip Truck one month.

Speed camera warning from

MapTrip Truck Truckers GPS Navigation has an integrated speed camera warning from This has the great advantage that you are warned directly in the truck navigation app about dangerous stretches of road. This way, you are part of the large community and can also report speed cameras yourself. Another advantage of the navigation for trucks with integrated speed camera warning is that you are only warned about speed cameras that are actually on your route. The MapTrip Truck Truckers GPS navigator warns of fixed and mobile speed cameras and other dangers.

Truckers GPS

Truckers GPS

Truck Parking Spaces Along the Route

Parking is an important issue for truck drivers. That's why we have integrated a directory of all rest areas and parking lots in our GPS navigation for trucks. With one click, the driver can display the next parking lots along the route.

We distinguish between 3 parking categories, which can be distinguished by color for the driver.

  • Green truck parking lots are simple parking lots along the highway without facilities.
  • Orange truck parking lots are rest stops along the highway with gas station, parking lot and comfort facilities such as restuarant, showers, etc.
  • Red truck parking lots are off-highway truck stops with comfort facilities.

In addition, the distance and travel time to the parking lot are displayed. So the driver can see at a glance which parking lot he can still reach in his remaining driving time. However, we are constantly working on parking lot search and integrate the best data sources available.

Truckers GPS

Truckers GPS