Off­road GPS

Whe­re fox and hare bid each other good­night — find the most remo­te places with our truck GPS navi­ga­ti­on OffRoad!

Some­ti­mes, even in our lati­tu­des, it is not pos­si­ble to sim­ply enter an address into a GPS navi­ga­ti­on device and dri­ve the­re. For exam­p­le, to remo­te places like farms that are loca­ted on roads that have neither a name nor are listed on the map.

If dri­vers are left to their own devices on such a jour­ney and choo­se the wrong rou­te, the con­se­quen­ces can be dire. In the best case they only get lost and lose time, in less favorable cases they can get stuck or even tip over.

Cle­ar­ly — this is whe­re truck GPS navi­ga­ti­on Off­Road is nee­ded! Read here how you can reach even remo­te off-road desti­na­ti­ons safe­ly and easi­ly by truck with Map­Trip Fol­low­Me.

Offroad GPS
Dream­li­ke loca­ti­on — but navi­ga­ti­on fails.

For exam­p­le, we were approa­ched by a cus­to­mer who was loo­king for a solu­ti­on to the fol­lo­wing pro­blem: He sup­plies farms in the Alps and the dri­vers were faced with the gre­at chall­enge of even fin­ding the remo­te farms. They are not listed in any map­ped road net­work that the dri­vers could use for address input.

This was a case for our navi­ga­ti­on Map­Trip Fol­low­Me, becau­se with it you can easi­ly dri­ve to desti­na­ti­ons even though they are not inclu­ded in the maps. Unli­ke regu­lar truck GPS navi­ga­ti­on, whe­re the GPS system tells you whe­re the best rou­te is, Map­Trip Fol­low­Me does the oppo­si­te: you tell the GPS navi­ga­ti­on system whe­re to go, on mark­ed roads and even off-road!

A 40T truck is not an off-road vehicle!

Becau­se if the­re are no mark­ed rou­tes at all, as in the case of our cus­to­mer, it is very dif­fi­cult for the dri­ver to choo­se the right rou­te. And you have to remem­ber that a 40T truck is not a maneu­vera­ble off-road vehic­le that, when in doubt, sim­ply makes a quick U‑turn or puts the truck in rever­se and tries out a new rou­te. With a truck, lea­ving the desi­gna­ted road net­work is a deli­ca­te mat­ter and it is a clear neces­si­ty that the rou­tes for the dri­ver are pre­cis­e­ly pre-plan­ned and the dri­ver knows exact­ly whe­re he can lea­ve a fixed road and whe­re exact­ly he can move the vehic­le in the off-road terrain.

Why can Map­Trip Fol­low­Me truck navi­ga­ti­on map off-road routes?

Map­Trip Fol­low­Me is a GPS navi­ga­ti­on that was actual­ly deve­lo­ped for waste manage­ment, street clea­ning and win­ter ser­vices. So espe­ci­al­ly for com­plex coll­ec­tion rou­tes, whe­re dri­vers have to dri­ve a rou­te seve­ral times in loops and need the pos­si­bi­li­ty to deter­mi­ne working rou­tes (coll­ect left here, coll­ect right here). Thus, in Fol­low­Me, in addi­ti­on to the regu­lar turn-by-turn ins­truc­tions (turn right in 300m), dri­vers also recei­ve addi­tio­nal acou­stic and visu­al ins­truc­tions as to which tasks are due on which side of a rou­te sec­tion, or whe­ther it is a pure trans­fer rou­te wit­hout a task. And sin­ce it has always been important in the­se indu­stries to also be able to pro­cess unmap­ped are­as such as new cons­truc­tion are­as or lar­ge depots, the so-cal­led Off­Road mode was crea­ted, in which an exact GPS track is recor­ded and stored and can then be driven.

What hap­pens in Off­Road mode?

A Fol­low­Me rou­te is crea­ted in advan­ce by the plan­ner on the com­pu­ter in the WebE­ditor and can then be cal­led up by the dri­ver in the ter­mi­nal. The jour­ney to the start­ing point of the Fol­low­Me rou­te takes place in a com­ple­te­ly regu­lar truck GPS navi­ga­ti­on, taking into account the traffic.

As soon as the start­ing point of the Fol­low­Me rou­te is rea­ched, the dri­ver fol­lows a trail of colo­red balls that he coll­ects, just like in the Pac­Man video game. Of cour­se, he con­ti­nues to recei­ve rou­te gui­dance announce­ments such as turn right, turn left and whe­ther a task (coll­ect right) is to be completed.

From the moment the dri­ver lea­ves the map­ped road net­work, he dri­ves in the so-cal­led Off­Road mode. In this Off­Road mode, the truck GPS navi­ga­ti­on does not try to gui­de the dri­ver back to the nea­rest road, but fol­lows a GPS rou­te pre­cis­e­ly spe­ci­fi­ed or pre-recor­ded by the dispatcher.

How does the Off­Road track to remo­te desti­na­ti­ons get into the route?

Crea­ted by the dispatcher

A very simp­le way for the dis­patcher is to use the Fol­low­Me edi­tor to crea­te the rou­tes. With the acqui­ra­ble satel­li­te images, the dis­patcher can see exact­ly how to crea­te the off-road rou­tes with a mou­se click. The dri­ver can then call up this rou­te in the ter­mi­nal for GPS navi­ga­ti­on and fol­low it.

Watch our short video on how a Fol­low­Me rou­te can be created.

You are curr­ent­ly vie­w­ing a pla­ce­hol­der con­tent from You­tube. To access the actu­al con­tent, click the but­ton below. Plea­se note that doing so will share data with third-par­ty providers.

More Infor­ma­ti­on

Crea­ted by driver

Ano­ther opti­on is, that a dri­ver who alre­a­dy knows the rou­te can record the rou­te with the Fol­low­Me Record mode in the ter­mi­nal. As soon as he rea­ches the dirt road, he taps on the Off­Road slider and con­ti­nues dri­ving the rou­te. By means of remarks (hints) that the dri­ver hims­elf can insert during the recor­ding at the exact place whe­re the farm is loca­ted, it can be noted exact­ly whe­re the farm is located.

Once the dri­ver is back on a fixed road, he swit­ches back to OnRoad mode and the recor­ded GPS points are again matched to the nea­rest road as usual.

This tour is then syn­chro­ni­zed with the Fol­low­Me Edi­tor and the GPS navi­ga­ti­on to remo­te desti­na­ti­ons can be cal­led up by the next dri­ver and easi­ly followed.

Offroad GPS

How your dri­vers arri­ve safely

This way our cus­to­mer can com­bi­ne a tour from seve­ral desti­na­ti­ons, i.e. from Fol­low­Me rou­tes and regu­lar routes.

Dri­vers reach the most remo­te unloa­ding points safe­ly and wit­hout detours.

If you also face a spe­cial requi­re­ment for your GPS navi­ga­ti­on and are loo­king for a solu­ti­on, we will be hap­py to advi­se you!

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