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GPS Waste Management

Navi­ga­ti­on for waste manage­ment — With Map­Trip Fol­low­Me, any dri­ver can dri­ve any rou­te! How Map­Trip Fol­low­Me helps with fle­xi­ble work­force planning.

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Busi­ness Navigation

Busi­ness Geo­ma­tics reports on the coope­ra­ti­on bet­ween info-tech solu­ti­ons GmbH & Co. KG and info­wa­re. Read more about the prac­ti­cal use of Map­Trip Fol­low­Me Navi­ga­ti­on for muni­ci­pal win­ter ser­vice and street cleaning.

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Truck Navi­ga­ti­on App

In this tuto­ri­al we take you on a step by step cour­se to inte­gra­te the Map­Trip Truck navi­ga­ti­on inter­face into your own appli­ca­ti­on. The tuto­ri­al con­sists of mul­ti­ple les­sons which build upon each other and take you through the pro­cess of buil­ding an app that remo­te con­trols MapTrip. 

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ETA calculation Moment

ETA Cal­cu­la­ti­on

The artic­le explains, how the esti­ma­ted time of arri­val (ETA) is cal­cu­la­ted, how it takes live traf­fic infor­ma­ti­on into account and how we use big data to impro­ve our calculation.

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New Playlist MapTrip Basics Moment

Trucker Navi­ga­ti­on

Julia from our sales team has crea­ted a how to video play­list explai­ning the most important fea­tures of our Map­Trip Truck navi­ga­ti­on app.

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How to share the navi­ga­ti­on screen with ano­ther app

In many use cases, it is neces­sa­ry to addi­tio­nal­ly dis­play infor­ma­ti­on from your own app to the dri­ver during navi­ga­ti­on. For this pur­po­se, Map­Trip has a screen sha­ring setting.

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inonic integration Moment

Inte­gra­te GPS

A cus­to­mer cont­ac­ted us and asked if he could inte­gra­te our GPS navi­ga­ti­on app Map­Trip in his Ionic app. His app mana­ges a list of addres­ses which a truck needs to visit in a given order. We did a litt­le bit of rese­arch and then gave our trai­nee Hen­drik the task of buil­ding a demo app. 

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GPS app with two navi­ga­ti­on screens

Are you loo­king for a truck navi­ga­ti­on and a traf­fic app? Why not try Map­Trip Truck. It com­bi­nes both.

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GPS Par­king

For our truck GPS nav Map­Trip Truck, we loo­ked for the best data on truck par­king. We loo­ked at data from Tom­Tom and Here, as well as try­ing out a who­le ran­ge of apps.

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