Why is a special route planner map for trucks so important?

There are many route planner maps, but only a few truck route planner maps. But only a special truck route planner map can consider truck specific settings, adapt the ETA calculation to truck speeds and consider truck restrictions.

Especially for freight forwarders and fleet operators it is very important to calculate suitable truck routes. Calculate your route in the MapTrip route planner map, because every delay, for example because your truck gets stuck in a narrow road, makes you look bad to your customers and costs you money if you can't meet your delivery slots.

The MapTrip truck route planner map is free of charge for you. You can get the same optimal truck routes in our GPS truck navigation MapTrip Truck.

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Like the truck route planner map, the associated GPS navigation app MapTrip Truck guides your vehicles on roads suitable for trucks.

The route calculation is done according to the vehicle profile, i.e. the route is suitable for the vehicle size, weight and load you set.

Free truck route planner maps and navigation systems such as Google Maps do not have the option of truck-specific settings.

The main advantages of professional truck navigation

A route planner map for trucks is helpful, the truck GPS app even more so !

Because the route calculation in standard GPS navigation systems is done for cars and this can very quickly lead to unpleasant situations in which the driver gets stuck in a too narrow road, for example.

Yes, a professional GPS truck navigation costs something, but it brings significant advantages:

  • The route guidance is on suitable roads, the route calculation is suitable for the vehicle profile.
  • Always on the fastest route due to excellent congestion and traffic information.
  • Accurate ETA calculation as a basis for planning.
  • Destinations can be transferred directly to the navigation system via an interface to telematics systems, so the driver does not have to type in the destination himself!
  • More comfort on the road with the gas station and truck parking search.
  • Integrated speed camera warning from Blitzer.de.
  • Hard end of traffic jam - warner provides more safety.
  • Maps are easy to update - now new with reduced data size (example TomTom Europe 5.1 GB).
  • Predefined reference routes, the dispatcher determines the exact route that is driven.

Route calculation suitable for the vehicle profile

As in the route planner map, you have the possibility to create individual truck profiles in MapTrip Truck. Because at the latest when you leave the highway you will encounter a problem with a free GPS navigation system: the roads suggested in the GPS are not adapted to the vehicle dimensions, weight or load.

In MapTrip, on the other hand, you can store the attributes of your vehicle in vehicle profiles, just like in the truck route planner, i.e. the length, width, height, weight, tunnel code and the hazard class of the load.

MapTrip uses these values as a basis for calculating the route. If your driver enters a road that is unsuitable for trucks, he will receive a visual and audible warning.

No matter if you are driving a 40-ton truck or a 7.5-ton truck, with MapTrip you will always be on the appropriate route. With a 40-ton truck, you are guided on well-maintained roads and turning maneuvers are avoided where possible. Smaller vehicles, e.g. for inner-city delivery traffic, are routed differently accordingly.

LKW Routenplaner

If a driver chooses a route that is closed to trucks, he or she receives a visual and audible warning.

Superior congestion and traffic information ensures accurate ETA calculation

The core task of truck GPS navigation is to always guide drivers on the best way through traffic. Therefore, we use the traffic information of the established providers Tom Tom or Here.

MapTrip is also unique in the way it uses congestion avoidance, because MapTrip not only uses the actual congestion information ( i.e. 3km congestion between X and Y), but real-time traffic data for ALL available road segments.

In addition, we also take into account statistical traffic data for route calculation, if available for the road segments.

Your route is constantly checked in order to be able to react to a changed traffic situation.

The driver will be informed accordingly should a faster route be available.

What does this mean for you:


With MapTrip:

  • Avoid errant journeys
  • Spend less time in traffic jams 
  • Can plan with an accurate arrival time. 
  • Get real-time traffic information for almost all roads.
  • You will be informed accordingly should there be a faster route 
LKW Routenplaner

All in one app - integration of popular trucker apps like speed camera warning, cheapest gas station, truck parking spaces

MapTrip Truck can pull information from other popular trucker apps.

Therefore, the content of the app Blitzer.de can be displayed directly in MapTrip Truck, as well as we have integrated the current fuel prices based on the app clever-tanken.de.

So you can always find the cheapest gas station taking into account individual settings such as the fuel and payment method (cash, EC, credit, fleet fuel cards). This way you can save fuel costs.

LKW Navigation

Integrated speed camera warning

Route planner map

Save fuel costs with MapTrip Truck !

Easy map data updates

In standard devices, the map material is usually stored on SD cards that are inserted into the device. For an update, the maps have to be exchanged manually. This is time-consuming because the trucks are constantly changing their location. Changing the SD cards of an entire fleet requires considerable manual and organizational effort.

A modern truck GPS navigation for logistics should access maps and routes via the Internet. Like the truck route planner, MapTrip always has the latest map material.

As long as there is a mobile data connection, MapTrip calculates routes online on MapTrip servers. These routes and the traffic information update themselves via the server and are therefore always up-to-date. This enables the inclusion of extensive traffic data.

Local data stored on the device then only serves as a backup. Only if there is no mobile data connection, the routes are calculated with the map data installed on the devices (then without traffic information).

The advantage for you is that the latest map data is always available on the servers.

This reduces the need for frequent and sometimes costly map updates on the devices. There is always compatibility between locally installed data and the data on the servers.

Should you need to update, this can be done conveniently. The next version of MapTrip will also allow downloading map data directly in the app.

Numerous integration options in telematics systems

MapTrip has numerous interfaces and integration options for which there is documentation, tutorial and YouTube videos for developers.

If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to assist you.

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