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GPS for Truckers - MapTrip is available in different variants as GPS for Truckers, as a GPS for waste management and as a GPS for police and fire departments. All variants have an interface and are prepared for integration into telematics systems or control centers. As a user of our GPS for Truckers, you can choose between the latest maps and traffic data from TomTom, Here or Open Street Map. MapTrip is the GPS for Truckers. You can enter your vehicle dimensions and store vehicle profiles. You will be led only on routes that are optimal for your vehicle dimensions. Low emission zones, tunnel restricitions and danger charge can also be considered. Our GPS for Truckers also contains several functions for your safety such as warning of hard end of congestion, lane assistant, POIs, Speed camera warning or Reality view at motorway exit. Truck stops and Petrol stations are of course also included in our GPS for Truckers.

GPS for Truckers

MapTrip Truck is the GPS for Truckers and contains the most current traffic information and considers your truck's dimensions. The GPS for Truckers uses the best map providers and maps with truck attributes.

Waste Management

MapTrip FollowMe is specialized GPS app for waste management, street cleaning and similar applications.

Fire Departments

MapTrip 112 is a GPS app for Fire Departments and Police. It connects to your command center and allows editing the maps.

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GPS Navigation for Developers

MapTrip is not only a GPS for Truckers but also for professional developers. That is why MapTrip is available as an easy to use app with interface and as a Software Development Kit (SDK). So for every requirement there is a perfect solution to integrate the GPS into your environment.


Easy to use and fully featured - MapTrip GPS for Truckers


Integrate and customize GPS features into your software


Truck route planning and communication with GPS navigation


Map with house numbers

Read here what new features the new MapTrip Release 5.4 / SDK 9.4 brings. Like street maps with house numbers, a search function in FollowMe and the integration of hydrates on the map with…

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Map data

Add missing streets in the map data and see them directly in the GPS navigation!

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emergency gps

Emergency GPS

SafetyCT has created a fully comprehensive operational solution for fire departments with the help of the MapTrip SDK. Developing your own emergency GPS navigation is easy with MapTrip’s developer kit.

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New release Android MapTrip 5.3

As the first professional GPS navigation you can add missing roads to the map with MapTrip. These new roads are directly transferred to the Navi! Read more about the new features in MapTrp 5.3 here…

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Saving Fuel

Every penny counts – MapTrip Truck GPS navigation shows you the cheapest gas station along your route.

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Längengrad Breitengrad

GPS Longitude and Latitude

Remember Longitude and Latitude – about the difficulty of remembering longitude and latitude and how Obelix can help with that You would think that everyone in a navigation software company would be able to memorize longitude and latitude right away, even in their dreams. After all, this is the most fundamental unit of information in […]

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PMRExpo, November 22-24, 2022

In 2022 we will again be represented at PMRExpo. We are looking forward to your visit!

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