We are the specialists for professional GPS Navigation

infoware develops the GPS navigation technology MapTrip. The navigation app MapTrip is flanked by APIs and SDKs for developers. We see GPS navigation in a professional context. This means that GPS navigation must not only please the driver, but must always be in the context of an overall software system. It is one component of many in interaction with e.g. a telematics system. Our GPS navigation application MapTrip therefore has numerous interfaces for integration. In addition, we offer a developer interface for route planning with the MapTrip Server API.

Business model and history

infoware is a medium-sized, owner-managed software company based in Bonn. We license our products as software-as-a-service on a monthly or annual basis. We have developed the complete technology ourselves in Germany. It is the result of many years of experience in dealing with digital road maps.

Our roots are in the project business in the geo-information sector. Gradually we developed our own technologies like a routing engine until finally a complete navigation technology was created. For some years now, we have focused entirely on licensing our products in the SaaS model.

Our self-understanding

Our ambition is to offer the best GPS navigation software for professional use.

Our understanding of professional GPS navigation goes far beyond the GPS navi app. With the APIs and SDKs we meet the need for customization and integration. With the MapTrip Server API, we make MapTrip's backend accessible to developers for route planning, for example.

For our customers we want to be a long-term reliable partner. You can talk to us and we seek exchange with our customers. Your feedback is the most important inspiration for the further development of our products.

The support of our customers is a cornerstone of our success. We do not leave you alone, but are personally there for you.

Support - You can talk to us!

The daily support of our customers is of central importance to us. If you have individual questions or if there are problems, we will not leave you alone! You can talk to our support staff personally. We talk about your application and advise you personally about the optimal use of our products. If something goes wrong we are in the same boat with you analyzing the problem and looking for a solution.

In daily support meetings we discuss the wishes and needs of our customers. We actively support you in the implementation of your navigation projects. Our support staff has direct access to our software developers and can assist you even in tricky programming issues.

You can talk to us! Support means more to us than just giving you an email address, more than just assigning a number to your request. You can also reach us personally. We advise you how to best implement your ideas in the navigation area with our products. We take your wishes and ideas on board, because feedback from our customers is the best input for our development agenda.

Support also means consulting: GPS Navigation is more than just getting from A to B. MapTrip can be used for trucks, for fire departments, for snow removal or for many other applications. Different device platforms, interfaces and data formats have to be considered. We talk to you about your use case and advise you on the best way to implement it.