MapTrip MapAPI extends GPS-Navigation to the web

The JavaScript Maps API of MapTrip is the perfect tool for creating map based applications. It offers easy communication with MapTrip navigation apps like position tracking, sending destinations and querying arrival times. On top of that the Javascript Maps API offers professional grade routing and planning features based on the best map and traffic data on the market.

Documentation and Tutorial

LKW Navigation

You can find the full developer documentation here.

LKW Navigation

In our tutorial we will show you how to create a map and add it to your website.

Maps API

FAQ's - here you can find answers to your questions about MapTrip MapAPI.

Maps API

In our showroom you can find demo map applications created using MapTrip MapAPI.

Efficient business applications can be implemented easily and industry-specific by using the Maps API

By using the MapTrip MapAPI you can embed maps in your websites. You can control the visible section of the map by setting a set of coordinates or address, define user interaction with the map, add layers with Points of Interest (POIs), search hits or areas, calculate routes and visualize them on the map, and much more. Have a look here for a brief overview of the JavaScript Maps API features.

The Maps API and implementation is plain Javascript, so map applications created using the Maps API run in all modern browsers without plugins, addons etc. All you need to start MapTrip MapAPI is basic Javascript knowledge.

Why should you use MapTrip MapsAPI?

We think you have plenty of reasons to use our JavaScript Maps API:

  1. No hosting or special server infrastructure required
  2. Start creating mapping applications without prior knowledge in mapping technologies
  3. Additional GIS-services like routing, geocoding, and coordinate projection
  4. Lots of powerful GUI controls and utility functions
  5. Easily extendable, e.g. to implement custom controls
  6. Configurable behavior and appearance of Points of Interest (POIs)
  7. Freely customizable map style
  8. Easy integration into existing web applications

MapTrip MapAPI - You too can rely on the powerful map server of our Maps API

The JavaScript Maps API connects addresses with map data and is the best basis for all performance demanding applications in the B2B area. Map solutions for web, smartphones, tablets as well as the backend can be created flexibly and also scale optimally. Mapping, routing, optimization:

Concentrate on your layout, your content and the integration into your web portals, smartphone apps or logistics logistics applications. We provide you with the best map material, all map functions available today as well as attractive and useful additional features.

The remote control for your MapTrip GPS Navigation

MapTrip MapAPI has been designed to integrate GPS-Navigation easily into your telematics application. The Maps API acts as a remote control and monitoring system for MapTrip.

Your fleet is guaranteed to always take the best route, benefits from low fuel prices, safe warnings of dangerous spots and speed cameras and other sophisticated features of MapTrip Navigation.

The JavaScript Maps API lets you calculate routes and tours and send them directly to MapTrip for navigation. Query current position, ETA or the route your vehicle is driving. It is as easy as 123.

If you want your drivers to follow a fixed route, create reference routes in MapTrip MapAPI and easily transfer them from the Maps API to MapTrip.

Choose the best maps and traffic data available

Maps API

  • We are working with the best map and traffic data providers in the world to offer you the most detailed maps, the most precise routes and the most up to date traffic.
  • With MapTrip MapAPI you can choose between TomTom, HERE and OpenStreetMap.
  • Historical-statistical as well as real-time traffic information can be used for routing.

MapTrip MapAPI

Rich Features

The features of our Maps API go way beyond simple A-B route calculation. Besides the performant distance matrix is also available, on which own optimization procedures can be based.

Optimize the sequence of your stops and control the exact route your vehicle is about to drive on the way. All with the latest traffic technology.

Remote Control

MapTrip MapAPI is designed as a remote control for the MapTrip GPS Navigation app. The Maps API easily lets you send destinations and tours to your vehicles. You can also monitor their position and ETA in real time.

Secure Hosting in the EU

We take care of the security of your data and host the Maps API in data centers in the EU only.

What functions are available in MapTrip MapAPI?

These are some of the main functions in the JavaScript Maps API

  • Geocoding and address search
  • Mapping
  • Creation of custom layers, e.g. to display the positions of mobile units or address points
  • POI representation
  • Route planning
  • Consideration of statistical traffic data in routing: If available from the respective third-party provider, statistical traffic information is available for the road segments regarding the average speed at different times per day of a week. This information is considered in route planning and thus allows more precise pre-planning of routes and travel times.
  • Via routing
  • Alternative routes
  • Sequence optimization
  • Additional functions:
  • Real-time traffic information
  • Truck restrictions: Consideration of truck restrictions (see MapTrip Truck)
  • Detour functions: Set or change directional closures/unclosures, change turn restrictions, also as Detour Editor via iFrame (see MapTrip 112).
  • Blue light routing (see MapTrip 112).
  • FollowMe functions, also as FollowMe editor via iFrame (see MapTrip FollowMe).
  • Remote functions to control MapTrip (see MapTrip Remote).

Design your Maps API layout according to your wishes with MapTrip MapAPI

In the Javascript Maps API functions like Zoom or showing and hiding POIs are already predefined.

A modern designed map can be integrated into any website with just a few lines of code. Decide between maps from TomTom, Here or OpenStreetMap and design the layout of your Maps API according to your wishes and layout.

MapTrip Remote created by our JavaScript Maps API

MapTrip Remote is also available as a web application that we created using our JavaScript Maps API. MapTrip Remote can also be easily integrated into your own web applications as an iframe.

You can use the entire telematics infrastructure with MapTrip JavaScript Maps API.




It allows you to control MapTrip navigation software installed on mobile devices. The functions include

  • Address search
  • Mapping
  • Tracking of devices running MapTrip
  • Routing
  • Sequence optimization
  • Generation of reference routes and multi-stop routes
  • Consideration of truck restrictions (see MapTrip Truck)
  • Consideration of statistical traffic data in routing: If available from the respective third-party provider
  • Consideration of real-time traffic information

Control of MapTrip:

  • Single navigation destinations, multi-stop and reference routes can be sent directly from MapTrip Remote to MapTrip Navigation.
  • Conversely, data can be retrieved from MapTrip Navigation, e.g. calculated time of arrival (ETA) and the current route traveled.
  • The route can be displayed on the map in MapTrip Remote. The data transfer requires the availability of a mobile data connection.