Comparison Reference route vs FollowMe

How to send an opti­mi­zed rou­te to a GPS app

How the right navi­ga­ti­on soft­ware can help to opti­mi­ze rou­tes. You have opti­mi­zed a tour or a rou­te for a vehic­le to fol­low. Then you hand your per­fect rou­te over to a navi­ga­ti­on soft­ware and all is gone! Map­Trip has two solutions. 

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SMS starts Navigation Moment2

GPS Text Message

We have deve­lo­ped a demo app that shows how to start a navi­ga­ti­on with an SMS. In the video, our Android expert Dani­el explains how to do this with Map­Trip API.

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Screenshot Companion Traffic LKW Parkplaetze portrait

Truck GPS App for Android

Navi­ga­ti­on App Map­Trip 4.11 with maps from Tom­Tom, Here and OSM. The new ver­si­on 4.11 of our navi­ga­ti­on soft­ware Map­Trip is now available. Read more about what is new and improved.

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SDK FollowMe HowTo1 Moment

Build GPS

Our trai­nee Hen­drik has pro­grammed his own Fol­low­Me navi­ga­ti­on with the Map­Trip SDK. In the video he explains brief­ly what you have to pay atten­ti­on to. You can down­load his app on GitHub.

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MTI HowTo Moment

GPS Remo­te Control

You can remo­te con­trol the Map­Trip GPS navi­ga­ti­on app from your own app by using Map­Trip API inter­face. In this video we explain the con­cept of the inter­face and how to avo­id com­mon mistakes.

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B0N9XW scaled

Truck Map App

We deve­lo­ped this GPS Navi­ga­ti­on espe­ci­al­ly for Poli­ce, Fire Depart­ments and Ambu­lan­ces. Learn in the video how it is different…

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feuerwehr app

Truck GPS App

Based in Austria, Rosen­bau­er Inter­na­tio­nal AG is the world’s lea­ding manu­fac­tu­rer of fire fight­ing and…

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Navi­ga­ti­on System

Pro­fes­sio­nal rou­ting for a safe jour­ney Many trans­port com­pa­nies use Goog­le Maps as a mobi­le app to…

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Headerbild news Ref vs Foll3

Your truck navi­ga­ti­on does not dri­ve as plan­ned by the scheduler?

Stan­dard Rou­te vs. Refe­rence Rou­te vs. Fol­low­Me Let’s say that you, as the dis­patcher, would like to give a…

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