Navi­ga­ti­on System

Pro­fes­sio­nal rou­ting for a safe jour­ney Many trans­port com­pa­nies use Goog­le Maps as a mobi­le app to…

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Headerbild news Ref vs Foll3

Your truck navi­ga­ti­on does not dri­ve as plan­ned by the scheduler?

Stan­dard Rou­te vs. Refe­rence Rou­te vs. Fol­low­Me Let’s say that you, as the dis­patcher, would like to give a…

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live traffic report

Live Traf­fic Report

How modern navi­ga­ti­on systems use Big Data for rou­te gui­dance and traf­fic jam avo­id­ance. Over­view of the…

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Many trans­port com­pa­nies use Goog­le Maps as a mobi­le app to bring their trucks to their destination…

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gps navigation app

GPS Navi­ga­ti­on App

The Detour Edi­tor is inten­ded for poli­ce, fire and res­cue teams and is part of the navi­ga­ti­on software…

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Artikelbild MapTrip 4.9 englisch

Map­Trip 4.9: The new release of the Truck GPS App is out now

In the new release 4.9 the­re are some new func­tions with which our navi­ga­ti­on Map­Trip can be used…

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csm Artikelbild MapTrip 4.8 englisch d7f1111d59 1

Wel­co­me GPS App Map­Trip 4.8 and dis­co­ver the new func­tions for Waste Management

Just in time for the begin­ning of 2019 our new Map­Trip Release 4.8 is now available. We have packed in a total…

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truck gps navigation

Truck GPS Navigation

We are deligh­ted to have a new ven­dor in PDI, who is offe­ring MapTrip’s navi­ga­ti­on tech­no­lo­gy in OilDroid…

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waste management app

Waste Manage­ment App

A new look was not the pri­ma­ry rea­son why we have fur­ther deve­lo­ped the Fol­low­Me edi­tor. The main…

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