GPS app with two navi­ga­ti­on screens

Are you loo­king for a truck navi­ga­ti­on and a traf­fic app? Why not try Map­Trip Truck? It com­bi­nes both.

Swi­pe to chan­ge bet­ween the com­pa­n­ions. Com­pa­n­ion Map will give you exact ins­truc­tions, Com­pa­n­ion Traf­fic gives you the over­view you need on long journeys.

Truck Navi­ga­ti­on / traf­fic apps are some­ti­mes quite tal­ka­ti­ve. One announce­ment is fol­lo­wed by the next, and some peo­p­le get real­ly diz­zy from all the “Turn left” and “Turn right”. If you’­re dri­ving on unfa­mi­li­ar ter­rain, this is neces­sa­ry and most wel­co­me. But on lon­ger rou­tes, this can also beco­me annoy­ing on fami­li­ar sec­tions. Here, navi­ga­ti­on is sup­po­sed to be an unob­tru­si­ve com­pa­n­ion that saves you from traf­fic jams and accu­ra­te­ly pre­dicts your arri­val time. For this rea­son, Map­Trip has a sepa­ra­te navi­ga­ti­on screen for each situation.

Com­pa­n­ions Traf­fic and Map explained

The Com­pa­n­ion Map as a gui­de for Trucks

After start­ing, Map­Trip shows a clas­sic navi­ga­ti­on screen. A map in 3D with a rou­te that shows the next meters and the next turn maneu­ver. The navi­ga­ti­on system also gives dri­ving ins­truc­tions via speech syn­the­sis.

Navi im Companion-Map
The clas­sic navi­ga­ti­on view. Mul­ti­ple announce­ments ensu­re that you do not miss any turns. The map is zoo­med in to show details.

In the city, depen­ding on the speed, the first ins­truc­tion is about 300m befo­re the inter­sec­tion. It is inten­ded to alert the dri­ver that a turn is coming soon. The second announce­ment then fol­lows about 150m later and final­ly it says “Turn right now!”. On the high­way, this works simi­lar­ly, except that the distances are greater.

The Com­pa­n­ion Traf­fic for the Overview

On many trips, espe­ci­al­ly lon­ger ones, you don’t need a detail­ed map of the next 200m of high­way. It is more important to have an over­view of the enti­re rou­te. If you are dri­ving from Colo­gne to Ham­burg, you want to know whe­ther the rou­te is via the A1 or the A2. You also want to keep an eye on the traf­fic situa­ti­on. Will the­re be the usu­al traf­fic jam befo­re Dort­mund? Does the navi­ga­ti­on system avo­id the A3? And whe­re can I find the next truck par­king space on the route?

Navi mit Verkehrslage
The Com­pa­n­ion Traf­fic shows an over­view of the rou­te on the way. This way, you can keep an eye on the traf­fic situa­ti­on. The navi­ga­ti­on system is muted and does not interfere.

For the­se situa­tions, we have deve­lo­ped Com­pa­n­ion Traf­fic. As the name sug­gests, the focus here is on the traf­fic situa­ti­on. The navi­ga­ti­on shows the enti­re rou­te and the traf­fic situa­ti­on. The live traf­fic situa­ti­on, i.e. the speed at which traf­fic is flowing right now, is dis­play­ed with green, oran­ge or red lines. If the­re are also traf­fic mes­sa­ges, they are shown with red icons. A com­ple­te list of traf­fic mes­sa­ges is also available.

So the idea of Com­pa­n­ion Traf­fic is to unob­tru­si­ve­ly accom­pa­ny the dri­ver on long jour­neys. That’s why the announce­ments here are also muted.

How do the deve­lo­pers of Map­Trip Navi­ga­ti­on do it?

We usual­ly use the two views like this: On a lon­ger trip, we switch to the com­pa­n­ion traf­fic as soon as we are on the high­way. If it is only straight ahead for tens of kilo­me­ters, this is the most plea­sant and you have a good over­view of the traf­fic and whe­ther you have to expect traf­fic jams.

About three kilo­me­ters befo­re the high­way exit, Map­Trip draws atten­ti­on to its­elf with a blink. Then we switch to the com­pa­n­ion map to acti­va­te the voice gui­dance and to see the detail­ed map on the dis­play. This way, you can safe­ly find your desti­na­ti­on on the last unknown kilometers.

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