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Truck Par­king: For our truck GPS nav Map­Trip Truck, we loo­ked for the best data on truck par­king. We loo­ked at data from Tom­Tom and Here, as well as try­ing out a who­le ran­ge of apps. Here we share what we found.

We divi­de our small mar­ket over­view into three categories:

  1. Par­king POI in navi­ga­ti­on maps from Tom­Tom and Here
  2. Crowd sourced apps whe­re anyo­ne can enter a par­king space
  3. Boo­king plat­forms for paid par­king spaces

Par­king POI in the GPS App’s Maps

Par­king POIs are offe­red as part of the map data by the manu­fac­tu­r­ers Tom­Tom and Here. We call them sta­tic becau­se only the publisher of the maps can chan­ge them. New par­king spaces or chan­ges to the addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on are the­r­e­fo­re only available in con­junc­tion with a map update. The updates are usual­ly available every few months and anyo­ne who has dealt with navi­ga­ti­on knows that the updates are some­ti­mes more or less complete.

LKW Parkplatz
Truck par­king in Ger­ma­ny (from Tom­Tom map data)

Par­king data and truck par­king in par­ti­cu­lar are not the core busi­ness of eit­her com­pa­ny. The­r­e­fo­re, we were not sur­pri­sed that it is not easy to get a clear pic­tu­re of the data qua­li­ty. The­re are POIs cal­led “Truck Stops”, but they are not sup­po­sed to be sui­ta­ble for par­king. We our­sel­ves do not know how this is to be under­s­tood and are eager­ly awai­ting an expl­ana­ti­on from the data provider.

In total, one of the pro­vi­ders has around 6,000 par­king spaces for trucks in Ger­ma­ny and 16,000 in Euro­pe. Most of the par­king spaces are loca­ted along high­ways and at truck stops, but they can also be found in indu­stri­al parks.

The data situa­ti­on for truck par­king lea­ves Tom­Tom and Here with an ambi­va­lent pic­tu­re. We belie­ve that par­king spaces along high­ways are well cover­ed becau­se this data is very clo­se to the core busi­ness of the map pro­vi­ders. Other data, such as par­king faci­li­ties in com­mer­cial are­as, are rather not included.

Crowd-sourced Truck Par­king Apps

By crowd-sourced apps, we mean apps whe­re users can report and rate par­king spaces them­sel­ves. Here, truckers them­sel­ves report the data that is most hel­pful to them. The apps usual­ly invol­ve sear­ching for par­king spaces and rating them. The­re are num­e­rous opti­ons for nar­ro­wing down the search so that, for exam­p­le, only par­king spaces with show­ers are displayed.

Für unse­re Über­sicht haben wir uns im Goog­le Play Store umge­schaut und zei­gen hier die belieb­te­sten Apps gemes­sen an der Zahl der Down­loads und der Bewertung.

Truck Par­king Europe

Com­mu­ni­tiy app with many fil­te­ring opti­ons and gami­fi­ca­ti­on (reward system) for con­tri­bu­ting infor­ma­ti­on. 11,000 ratings; 4.2 stars

The app allo­ws you to search along a rou­te. In doing so, one can enter the remai­ning dri­ving time befo­re having to take a break at a par­king lot. In addi­ti­on to the app, the­re is a web­site for dis­patchers to book a par­king space. Info about the boo­ked par­king space can in turn be sent to the driver.

Trans­Par­king EU

Also a com­mu­ni­ty app whe­re users can upload and rate con­tent. Gami­fi­ca­ti­on. 1,900 ratings; 4.4 stars

You can report the occu­p­an­cy of the par­king spaces in the app. You can also upload pho­tos to share your own pic­tures. The­re is an appli­ca­ti­on for dis­patchers to send a par­king space to the driver.


Truck­fly is not just a par­king app, but also a com­mu­ni­ty app for other ser­vices that might be rele­vant for truckers. 5,900 ratings; 4.4 stars

An app for the Euro­pean mar­ket with a broa­der focus bey­ond truck parking.

Truck Par­king Reser­va­ti­on Apps

In this cate­go­ry, we have clas­si­fi­ed apps who­se focus is on reser­ving and boo­king truck par­king spaces. Here, the focus is on the task of firm­ly reser­ving a par­king space for a spe­ci­fic vehic­le. Often, the­se are guard­ed or secu­red par­king spaces. This area still seems to be in its infan­cy, at least the low num­ber of ratings and par­king spaces sug­gests that.

Kra­vag Truck Parking

For Kra­vag cus­to­mers only. Accor­ding to the web­site, par­king spaces can be boo­ked on truck­ing com­pa­ny pre­mi­ses by cell pho­ne or by the dis­patcher. 27 reviews; 4 stars

The dri­vers can use the recrea­ti­on rooms and sani­ta­ry faci­li­ties of the for­war­ding com­pa­ny. Key-free access via app.

Tra­vis Road Service

Reser­va­ble par­king spaces on com­pa­ny pre­mi­ses are offe­red. 13 reviews; 4.5 stars

Web­site and app for fin­ding truck par­king, truck washing, tank clea­ning and truck repair.

Bosch Secu­re Truck Parking

Web­site and app for Euro­pe-wide boo­king and payment of truck par­king. 8 reviews; 4 stars

Truck par­king spaces both in car yards and on com­pa­ny pre­mi­ses near the high­way. Com­pa­nies with lar­ge com­pa­ny par­king lots can rent them out at night as truck par­king spaces. Par­king lots are moni­to­red by came­ra and secu­ri­ty per­son­nel are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly notified.

Insi­der Tip:

The pri­va­te ope­ra­tor Peter Men­nel from Austria (Lin­ge­nau) main­ta­ins a web­site with regu­lar par­king lots and indu­stri­al are­as at Ger­man high­ways, whe­re trucks can park safe­ly and quiet­ly “wit­hout end­an­ge­ring them­sel­ves and others”. You can also find a link coll­ec­tion about trucker vide­os and other sce­ne info.

Peter Mennel LKW-Parkplaetze
Peter Men­nel, Betrei­ber von

Approx. 10,000 free truck par­king spaces in over 400 indu­stri­al are­as near high­ways. Down­load as PDF (61 pages) or e‑mail. Sor­ted by high­way, no search function.

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