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Start a GPS-Navi­ga­ti­on with a Text Mes­sa­ge — Down­load the Demo App

Why would anyo­ne start a navi­ga­ti­on with a text mes­sa­ge? Is that not as old school as it gets? Not at all! It is a robust and easy to use com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on chan­nel and it is still being wide­ly used espe­ci­al­ly in the 112 area.

The­r­e­fo­re we have deve­lo­ped a demo app that shows how to start a navi­ga­ti­on with an SMS. In the video, our Android expert Dani­el explains how to do this with Map­Trip API.

You are curr­ent­ly vie­w­ing a pla­ce­hol­der con­tent from You­tube. To access the actu­al con­tent, click the but­ton below. Plea­se note that doing so will share data with third-par­ty providers.

More Infor­ma­ti­on
How to start a navi­ga­ti­on with a text mes­sa­ge (7min)

The SMS must have a cer­tain for­mat: coor­di­na­te; text. Map­Trip will then auto­ma­ti­cal­ly start gui­dance to the con­tai­ned coor­di­na­te and dis­play the found text abo­ve the map.

This way of start­ing a rou­te gui­dance was brought to us from a fire depart­ment. The­re, the con­trol cen­ter soft­ware sends a text mes­sa­ge with tar­get coor­di­na­tes via SMS or TETRA to the navi­ga­ti­on device in the vehicle.

If the text mes­sa­ge con­ta­ins the string “SoSi” (spe­cial signal) after the coor­di­na­te, the rou­te gui­dance in Map­Trip 112 is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly star­ted with emer­gen­cy routing.

Down­load the Demo App

Go to our account at Git­Hub to down­load this demo app and learn more about other deve­lo­p­ment pro­jects with Map­Trip navigation.

More Infos for Developers

SMS Map­Trip 112 is an app to start Map­Trip from an inco­ming SMS. The app is based on our Map­Tri­pIn­ter­face (MTI) and uses built-in mecha­nism from Android OS to listen to the inco­ming stan­dard SMS. When a new SMS is recei­ved, the app gets a noti­fi­ca­ti­on from the Android OS and par­ses the SMS. If the SMS con­ta­ins infor­ma­ti­on in one of the known for­mats, the appli­ca­ti­on comes to the fore­ground and sug­gests to start navigation.


GPS Text Message
Demo appli­ca­ti­on with prompt to start navi­ga­ti­on. Map­Trip will be star­ted to the destination.

Buil­ding the Project

This pro­ject con­ta­ins dif­fe­rent build vari­ants, make sure to use the “stan­dardsms” vari­ant. You can eit­her down­load the pro­ject or crea­te a pull requests, and open it in Android Stu­dio. Now that you have the code base you can adjust the code if wan­ted, and crea­te an APK or build it direct­ly on your device.

Using the App

In order to use this appli­ca­ti­on you will need to have Map­Trip instal­led on your device as well. If you do not have Map­Trip yet, do not hesi­ta­te to cont­act us. For demo pur­po­ses, the use case requi­res that your appli­ca­ti­on is alre­a­dy run­ning. Curr­ent­ly it is not pos­si­ble to par­se SMS when the appli­ca­ti­on is not laun­ched. As you are rea­dy to go, just send a mes­sa­ge rela­ted to your medi­um in one of the for­mats addres­sed below. Once a mes­sa­ge arri­ves, the appli­ca­ti­on will par­se it and if the mes­sa­ge matches given pat­ters it will launch and dis­play a noti­fi­ca­ti­on to start a navi­ga­ti­on to the desti­na­ti­on. It is not requi­red that Map­Trip is alre­a­dy run­ning, the app will care for it if not. Depen­ding on the “SoSi” tag in your mes­sa­ge, Map­Trip will also use emer­gen­cy rou­ting. Recei­ved mes­sa­ges will be stored in a SQLi­te Data­ba­se so you can always start a navi­ga­ti­on again to the destination.

Pre­view of Map­Trip using Emer­gen­cy Routing

GPS Text Message
Map­Trip has recei­ved a desti­na­ti­on with the tag “SoSi” to trig­ger emer­gen­cy routing

Sup­port­ed SMS Format

The mes­sa­ge has the for­mat of {LAT}, {LONG}

As optio­nal para­me­ters, SoSi and Free Text par­amt­ers are available:

  • {LAT}, {LONG}; SoSi
  • {LAT}, {LONG}; FreeText
  • {LAT}, {LONG}; SoSi; FreeText


  • 51.2123544, 6.12548543
  • 51.2123544, 6.12548543;SoSi
  • 51.2123544, 6.12548543;Zimmerbrand Muster­stra­sse 26 3:OG
  • 51.2123544, 6.12548543;SoSi;Zimmerbrand Muster­stra­sse 26 3:OG
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