New release GPS Navi­ga­ti­on App 5.5 / SDK 9.5


About this release

This release con­ta­ins a lot of impro­ve­ments and opti­mizati­ons in detail. One focus of the deve­lo­p­ment work was on the Detour func­tions with which the road maps can be cus­to­mi­zed. The sug­ge­sti­ons for this came main­ly from the BOS area (fire depart­ment, poli­ce, res­cue ser­vices). Howe­ver, they also bene­fit users in logi­stics, e.g. to cor­rect erro­n­eous map data in the vici­ni­ty of a logi­stics warehouse.

We have also made a lar­ge num­ber of impro­ve­ments in detail in both the navi­ga­ti­on app and the under­ly­ing SDK.

Map dis­play

Show more street names on the map

Anzeige von Straßennamen auf der Karte vor Release MapTrip 5.5 SDK 9.5
Anzeige von mehr Straßennamen auf der Karte ab MapTrip 5.5 SDK 9.5

Cor­rect dis­play of tun­nels and bridges

Roads in a tun­nel are also dis­play­ed on the map below roads run­ning on the sur­face. Here exem­pla­ri­ly shown at the Godes­ber­ger Tun­nel (B9).

Navigationskarte: Die B9 ist ein Tunnel und verläuft unterhalb der Strassen. Auf der Karte wird es entsprechend dargestellt.

Dis­play of hou­se numbers

Via a set­ting in the opti­ons hou­se num­bers can be shown on the map.

Navi­ga­ti­on map with hou­se num­ber display

Dis­play of mul­ti­ple truck bans

Mul­ti­ple truck bans on a road (e.g. a height ban and a weight ban) were dis­play­ed with a coll­ec­ti­ve icon in older Map­Trip vari­ants. Now each ban is dis­play­ed individually.

Mehrfache LKW-Verbote auf der Navigationskarte einzeln dargestellt.
Mul­ti­ple truck bans shown indi­vi­du­al­ly on the navi­ga­ti­on map.
Zusammengefasste LKW-Verbote auf der Navigationskarte
Sum­ma­ri­zed truck bans on the navi­ga­ti­on map.

Truck bans (resi­dents free) show/hide

Often, roads in lar­ge parts of cities and resi­den­ti­al are­as are pro­hi­bi­ted for trucks and are only open to resi­dents. The­se can now be shown and hid­den on the map.

Darstellung weicher LKW-Verbote auf einer Navigationskarte
Dis­play of soft truck bans on a navi­ga­ti­on map.

The fade in/out can also be con­fi­gu­red via Settings.ini:

Rou­te calculation

Dis­play traf­fic situa­ti­on wit­hout traf­fic jam avoidance

We have pro­vi­ded a new opti­on for poli­ce, fire and res­cue ser­vices. The traf­fic situa­ti­on is dis­play­ed on the map but not taken into account when cal­cu­la­ting the rou­te.
For this you have to chan­ge in settings.ini in sec­tion
the fol­lo­wing ent­ry has to be added: UseOffboardTraffic=0

Bet­ter truck rou­tes in inner cities

Many city cen­ters are gene­ral­ly clo­sed to trucks. The­se are­as are now bet­ter bypas­sed. They may only be approa­ched if the desti­na­ti­on is loca­ted the­re. The approach rou­tes have been improved.

Radi­us via points adjusted

Via points can be used to mani­pu­la­te the cour­se of rou­tes. The rou­te must pass the via point within a cer­tain radi­us. The default radii in the Map­Trip Navi app, Detour edi­tor and Ser­ver API have been aligned.

When cal­cu­la­ting a rou­te with via points, dif­fe­rent default values for radii were used when no value was spe­ci­fi­ed. The default value in Map­Trip as well as when con­nec­ting with MTI is now 50m. We recom­mend to use this value if you alre­a­dy trans­mit via points with MTI.

Refe­rence rou­te file for­mat unified

In all Map­Trip systems, the for­mat of the data in the refe­rence rou­te file has been adju­sted. That is, in the Remo­te and Detour and Fol­low­Me edi­tors and in the Ser­ver API, the fol­lo­wing is now valid ever­y­whe­re:
lat, long
as struc­tu­ring feature.

Map­Trip App Truck Navigation

Mute speed came­ra war­ning only once or completely

In some count­ries the­re are a lot of speed came­ras in a distance of only a few hundred meters. So that Map­Trip does not disturb by con­ti­nuous alarm, the­re is now the pos­si­bi­li­ty in the menu War­nings to mute the acou­stic speed came­ra war­ning or to out­put it only once. Addi­tio­nal­ly you can set the beha­vi­or via Settings.ini.
MuteSpeedCam=0 // or 1, true, fal­se
SpeedCamWarningLevel=1 // or 3
A set­ting via Settings.ini pre­vents the set­ting opti­on in the menu.

Using favo­ri­tes and desti­na­ti­ons of a tour from Web Search

Desti­na­ti­ons sel­ec­ted via Web Search now also appear in recent desti­na­ti­ons and can be used to crea­te a tour or favorite.

Blue­tooth sound out­put improved

Sound out­put via Blue­tooth has been impro­ved so that when con­nec­ted to a Blue­tooth device, the sound out­put is always via that con­nec­tion. This impro­ves MapTrip’s beha­vi­or when listening to music at the same time or during a pho­ne call. Alter­na­tively, the Gene­ral menu can still be used to force sound to be out­put through the pho­ne speakers.

New My Vehic­le dialog

We have com­bi­ned all vehic­le-spe­ci­fic set­tings in the My Vehic­le dia­log. By sel­ec­ting the vehic­le type, you can influence the rou­te cha­rac­te­ri­stics. You can also enter the dimen­si­ons of your vehicle.

  1. Truck High­way: Cal­cu­la­tes rou­tes for lar­ge trucks with pre­fe­rence for high­ways. Detours may be taken for this purpose.
  2. Truck Inter­ci­ty: Cal­cu­la­tes rou­tes for medi­um trucks that also run on coun­try roads.
  3. Sprin­ter: The rou­tes are cal­cu­la­ted as for a pas­sen­ger car. Roads that are clo­sed for trucks are used. Howe­ver, dimen­si­ons, weight, etc. can be ente­red and are taken into account. The tra­vel time is cal­cu­la­ted as for pas­sen­ger cars.
  4. Car: Regu­lar car routes.
Set­tings dia­log Map­Trip Truck Navigation
Vehic­le type selection
Input vehic­le dimensions

The choice of the vehic­le icon is inde­pen­dent of the set­tings for the vehic­le!
If you want to add your own vehic­le types, this is easi­ly pos­si­ble. You chan­ge the para­me­ters to tho­se of your vehic­le and then save the vehic­le under a name of your choice.

Indi­vi­du­al vehic­le icons and 3D vehic­le models

In the new Vehic­le icon dia­log, a vehic­le icon can be sel­ec­ted from various 3D models for dis­play on the map.

The sel­ec­tion of the vehic­le icon has no influence on the rou­te calculation!

3D models as vehic­le icon

In addi­ti­on to the pro­vi­ded 3D models and icons, you can also add your own vehic­les.
For each vehic­le, a 3D model (glb file) and seve­ral png files must be provided.

\maptripuser\vehicle_model fol­der

Five png images must be pro­vi­ded for each 3D model. The png images must have the same name as the
asso­cia­ted 3D model.

3D ModelName: model.png
Size: 612x552 pixels
Rota­ti­on: 40 degrees left, 30 degrees down
3D ModelName: model_2d.png
Size: 256x256 pixels
Per­spec­ti­ve: vertical
3D ModelName: model_3d.png
Size: 256x256 pixels
Per­spec­ti­ve: 35 degrees
3D ModelName: model_2d_grey.png
Size: 256x256 pixels
Per­spec­ti­ve: vertical
3D ModelName: model_3d_grey.png
Size: 256x256 pixels
Per­spec­ti­ve: vertical

Many free 3D models can be found on e.g.

Night mode colors changed

The colors of our night mode have been adju­sted to a cur­rent color scheme.

Kartenlayout der Navigation im Nachtmodus
Night mode map layout

Detour exten­si­ons

Dis­play of faul­ty segments

The Detour exten­si­on Map Update: Veri­fi­ca­ti­on allo­ws to check Detour chan­ges in rela­ti­on to new map data.

When ope­ning the file, it checks if seg­ments are based on old map data.


If all detour chan­ges match the exi­sting map data, a posi­ti­ve con­fir­ma­ti­on dia­log will be displayed.

2023-03-06 10_55_26-MapTrip Detour Editor

Alter­na­tively, it is dis­play­ed whe­ther chan­ges could be fixed.


If chan­ges could not be inte­gra­ted auto­ma­ti­cal­ly, they will be dis­play­ed with a war­ning icon both in the map and in the chan­ge list.


In this exam­p­le, the prio­ri­tizati­on line must be extended.


When clicking on the war­ning icon, a popup appears offe­ring Fix and Igno­re as options.


Exi­sting chan­ges are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly repai­red up to an error distance of 20 m. New road geo­metries can thus not be chan­ged auto­ma­ti­cal­ly, but must be rework­ed manually.


Alter­na­tively, the map update: veri­fi­ca­ti­on can also be star­ted in the settings.

Detour edit: Set vali­di­ty for blue light routing

For each detour chan­ge, you can now addi­tio­nal­ly spe­ci­fy whe­ther it should be acti­ve for blue light rou­tes in / out­side the blue light radius.

A crea­ted seg­ment can be assi­gned dif­fe­rent blue light rou­ting beha­vi­ors in the Detour Editor.

  • Swit­ches for rele­vant seg­ments now exist for this pur­po­se: The­se con­trol the beha­vi­or insi­de and out­side the blue light radius.
  • The default set­ting depends on the seg­ment types.

Detour edit: fine-tuning prio­ri­ti­ze and avoid

With the new slider, the degree of avo­id­ance and prio­ri­tizati­on can be set more pre­cis­e­ly on a sca­le from 2 to 10. The default value is 10.


Detour-Edit: Show / edit truck blocking (resi­dents free)

In the set­tings menu, swit­ches have been added to show and hide soft and hard rest­ric­tions inde­pendent­ly of each other.

Soft rest­ric­tions can be “deac­ti­va­ted”. This will crea­te a new seg­ment wit­hout truck attributes.


Detour Edit: Split Streets

It is now pos­si­ble to edit (e.g. block) only a part of a road. To do this, the road must be divi­ded using the new shear tool.

Man kann auch nur einen Teil einer Straße bearbeiten. Dafür muss man sie zunächst mit dem Schere-Werkzeug teilen.

Clicking on a road crea­tes an inter­sec­tion and 2 road seg­ments. The­se seg­ments can be edi­ted (except prio­ri­tizati­on and avoid).

Split roads can­not be dele­ted indi­vi­du­al­ly, but must be rejoi­n­ed by dele­ting the inter­sec­tion. This func­tion­a­li­ty is also imple­men­ted in the ser­ver API.

Detour edit: dele­te streets

With the new seg­ment type “Remo­ve” roads can be easi­ly dele­ted. This dele­tes roads that, for exam­p­le, no lon­ger exist in rea­li­ty or are a hin­drance to the inten­ded use. The roads are dele­ted from the map mate­ri­al. This func­tion­a­li­ty is also imple­men­ted in the ser­ver API.


Detour edit: remo­ve / set to zero truck restrictions

It is now pos­si­ble to remo­ve or set to “zero” exi­sting truck rest­ric­tions in the map material.

LKW-Sperrungen in der Navigationskarte können gelöscht werden.

Ente­ring the user for Detour changes

In this way, the seg­ment list can be used to track who made the last changes.


Detour Edi­tor — Unlock directional

A clo­sed road can now be unblocked in one direc­tion only. It remains clo­sed in the other direction.

Detour edi­tor — add turn restriction

The new Detour Edi­tor now also opens the pos­si­bi­li­ty to add your own turn rest­ric­tions to the map material.

Eine neue Abbiegebeschränkung kann per Klick in die Navigationskarte eingetragen werden.

To do this, sim­ply place 3 points over an inter­sec­tion in the desi­red direc­tion. Sel­ect turn rest­ric­tion in the popup. Save. If pos­si­ble, the seg­ment type “Turn rest­ric­tion” is dis­play­ed (screen­shots).


The turn rest­ric­tion can be com­bi­ned with attri­bu­tes for blue light routing.

Com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty of Edi­tor / Ser­ver API with Map­Trip 5.4 (and older)

Some new detour fea­tures of the edi­tor and ser­ver API are not com­pa­ti­ble with Map­Trip 5.4 and older. The­r­e­fo­re, plea­se update your enti­re fleet to the latest Map­Trip ver­si­on as soon as pos­si­ble. For fleets with older or mixed Map­Trip ver­si­ons, we will con­ti­n­ue to pro­vi­de the old Detour Edi­tor for a tran­si­ti­on peri­od at the fol­lo­wing URL:

Fea­tureMap­Trip 5.4 (Onboard)Map­Trip 5.5
Blocking               NoYes
Truck  attri­bu­tesYesYes
Remo­ve Truck attributesYesYes
Add turn restrictionsYesYes
Dele­te roadYesYes
New roadYesYes
Split roadNoYes
Blue light rou­ting settingsNoYes

Seg­ments crea­ted via Edi­tor-Out­da­ted are always com­pa­ti­ble with 5.4 + 5.5.
For seg­ments crea­ted via Edi­tor-New or Ser­ver-API, plea­se refer to the table.

Avai­la­bi­li­ty of the new functions

Fea­tureEdi­tor OutdatedEdi­tor NewSer­ver-API
Unblocking both sidesYesYesYes
Unblocking direc­tion­alYesYes
Avo­id / PrioritiseYes, only fixed valuesYesYes
Truck attri­bu­tesYesYesYes
Remo­ve Truck attributes- fol­lows
Add turn restrictions-YesYes
Dele­te road-YesYes
New roadYesYesYes
Split road-Yesfol­lows
Blue light rou­ting settings-YesYes
Check Detour Entries-Yesfol­lows
New streets with time domains-Yesfol­lows

Other chan­ges

MTI exten­si­on — set traf­fic options

Per MTI it is now pos­si­ble to set in the “settings.ini” to per­form the online rou­ting with and wit­hout traf­fic. For this pur­po­se the fol­lo­wing is added in the “settings.ini” in the sec­tion [ROUTING]:

Context=0             à Online rou­te cal­cu­la­ti­on with traffic

Context=1             à Online rou­te cal­cu­la­ti­on wit­hout traffic

Rou­ting now igno­res seg­ments that can­not be dri­ven on

In With blue light rou­ting, roads and turn rest­ric­tion are enab­led so that an emer­gen­cy vehic­le can reach its desti­na­ti­on more quickly.

For blue light rou­ting, a so-cal­led blue light radi­us must be defi­ned in meters around the destination.

When blue light rou­ting is acti­ve, all non-one-way streets are gene­ral­ly enab­led, i.e. also out­side the blue light radius.

  • high­ways
  • fer­ries
  • gara­ges
  • foot­paths
  • gal­le­ries
  • stairs

Map­Trip Remo­te — new tour handling

Map­Trip always uses the new tour hand­ling for a rou­te with mul­ti­ple inter­me­dia­te desti­na­ti­ons sub­mit­ted by Map­Trip Remo­te or Map API.

No more set­ting opti­ons for electr. horiz.

The “Elec­tric hori­zon” set­ting opti­on has been remo­ved from the “War­nings” menu.

Nuan­ce Lan­guage Packs

The Lan­guage Packs have been made com­pa­ti­ble with Map­Trip 5.5 (cur­rent master). The lan­guage resour­ces are the same as tho­se available in Map­Trip Manager.

Howe­ver, as befo­re, only Eng­lish, Ger­man, Spa­nish, Dutch, French and Por­tu­guese are available.

Map set­tings easier to find

The swit­ches for traf­fic mes­sa­ges, gas sta­ti­ons and truck par­king have been moved from Settings/General to Settings/Map.

Chan­ges SDK chan­ge­log for documentation


  • Chan­ged call­back desti­na­tion­In­fo­Re­cei­ved: The third value now has the avera­ge seconds to the desti­na­ti­on. The old value “ener­gy to desti­na­ti­on” was just a pro­por­tio­nal value to “meters to desti­na­ti­on” with no vehic­le and no rou­te spe­ci­fic influence. The avera­ge dri­ve time in seconds to the desti­na­ti­on wit­hout traf­fic is only dif­fe­rent to seconds­To­De­sti­na­ti­on, if the navi­ga­ti­on uses an online rou­te with traf­fic infor­ma­ti­on. {# INWA-2828 Delay on route #}
  • Dis­play­ing or hiding truck soft rest­ric­tions: The new func­tion map::show­Ex­ten­ded­S­oft­Ve­hic­le­At­tri­bu­tes lets you dis­play or hide truck soft rest­ric­tions You can also check if the­se attri­bu­tes are visi­ble with the also new func­tion map::extendedSoftVehicleAttributesAreVisible.
  • Dis­play resi­den­ti­al roads: For a bet­ter map dis­play, the resi­den­ti­al roads are drawn a bit thin­ner than other roads.
  • Dis­play of Mul­ti­ple truck rest­ric­tions: Mul­ti­ple truck rest­ric­tions on a sin­gle street seg­ment are dis­play­ed sepa­ra­te­ly, no com­bi­na­ti­on to a sin­gle icon with the text “nx”.
  • Dis­play under­ground streets: Streets that lie below other streets in the under­ground are now also drawn below the other streets. Bridges are not drawn over other streets.
  • Dis­play more street names: Impro­ved col­li­si­on detec­tion of labels, resul­ting in more dis­play­ed street names.
  • Emer­gen­cy rou­ting — Unblocking of blocked roads: Emer­gen­cy rou­ting now uses all blocked roads out­side of emer­gen­cy radi­us that are not one­way, except for high­ways, fer­rys, walk­ways, gara­ges and stairs. {# INWA-2646 #}
  • Emer­gen­cy rou­ting: - Does not avo­id resi­den­ti­al roads or roads with soft restrictions


  • Edi­tor: Emer­gen­cy rou­ting vali­di­ty: The Detour edi­tor now sup­ports set­ting the vali­di­ty of an detour edit for emer­gen­cy rou­ting. By set­ting the vali­di­ty of a detour edit, the user can defi­ne if the record is valid/invalid for emer­gen­cy rou­ting in gene­ral and for emer­gen­cy rou­ting within the emer­gen­cy radi­us. {# INWA-2647 #}
  • Edi­tor: Sepa­ra­te streets: The Detour edi­tor now sup­ports sepa­ra­ting streets into smal­ler seg­ments. In this way, parts of a road can be modi­fi­ed (e.g. closed).
  • Avo­id and pre­fer new geo­me­try for rou­ting: The SDK sup­ports avo­i­ding and pre­fe­ring new streets for rou­te calculation.
  • Add turn rest­ric­tions: In addi­ti­on to dele­ting turn rest­ric­tions, some can now also be added. Also imple­men­ted in Ser­ver API.


  • Fixed rou­te cal­cu­la­ti­on when the desti­na­ti­on is in a blocked area with emer­gen­cy rou­ting enab­led {# Map­trip rou­te issue, Ticket 353258 #}
  • Fixed func­tion getCurr­ent­ly­Vi­si­ble­Ca­te­go­ry that has not listed the User POI. Modi­fi­ed file res/mmUserPois_template.xml.
  • Fixed pos­si­ble bad rou­tes when start/destination is a high­way rest stop. {# INWA-2854 #}
  • Fixed pos­si­ble sel­ec­tion of truck stops on wrong side of high­way. Available with new map data. {# INWA-2726)
  • Off­board rou­ting: Fixed check for streets in emer­gen­cy rou­ting radi­us. {# 8385e2bf #}
  • If a street is pre­fer­red by a detour edit, it will be unblocked automatically.
  • Pla­ce­hol­der-Data: Fixed blocked loa­ding of data in main thread.
  • C‑Runtime: Check if deci­mal deli­mi­ter has chan­ged to com­ma instead of point.
  • Open-GL: Adju­sted far pla­ne for a hig­her came­ra position.
  • Block next meters on Rou­te is now more pre­cise in den­se street network.
  • Fixed simu­la­ti­on on rou­te, if a rerou­ting is triggered.
  • Fixed dutch sound out­put with pre­re­cor­ded files {# Ticket#353627 #}
  • Fol­low­Me: Supres­sed uploa­ding of emp­ty GPS files.
  • Fol­low­Me: Fixed orpha­ned bubles at the end of the rou­te, if the rou­te enda with a new coll­ect event.
  • Fixed rare cases whe­re instances of IwMap­View were not regi­stered to the IwMapViewManager.
  • Fixed: igno­re loca­ti­on update every 5 seconds on some devices {# INWA-2992 Irre­gu­lar loca­ti­on updates #}
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