Chan­ge­log Map­Trip 5.7 / SDK 9.7

May 2024



Auto­ma­tic Map Data Down­load Improved

Map­Trip can down­load map data inde­pendent­ly in order to be able to navi­ga­te off­line. If the down­load is inter­rupt­ed, Map­Trip now starts again auto­ma­ti­cal­ly and only down­loads the miss­ing data. Pre­vious­ly, the down­load was com­ple­te­ly restar­ted after an inter­rup­ti­on. With poor Inter­net con­nec­tions, this could lead to an end­less loop.

Impro­ved dis­play of small road types


Small road types are now dis­play­ed as shown in the image.


Map Chan­ges Depen­ding on the Deployment Phase

With Detour, Map­Trip distin­gu­is­hes bet­ween three states

- Nor­mal driving

- Emer­gen­cy dri­ving with flas­hing blue lights

- Emer­gen­cy dri­ving with blue lights in the tar­get area

Chan­ges made to the road maps in Detour can now be mark­ed in which of the three sta­tes they should be valid.


Chan­ges such as deac­ti­va­ted tur­ning rest­ric­tions can the­r­e­fo­re be mark­ed so that they are only taken into account when dri­ving with blue lights.

Switch Turn Rest­ric­tions on/off Globally

Users who do not want to take the tur­ning rest­ric­tions of the road maps into account at all can switch this off in the set­tings of the Detour Edi­tor. Only the turn rest­ric­tions ente­red manu­al­ly in the edi­tor will then be taken into account.


Alter­na­tively, the set­ting can be made in the settings.ini of the Map­Trip app.

Use­Lo­cal­Turn­Re­st­ric­tion­s­Nor­mal Default is true.

Use­Lo­cal­Turn­Re­st­ric­tion­s­Ou­tO­fE­mer­gen­cy­Ra­di­us Default is true.

Use­Lo­cal­Turn­Re­st­ric­tion­s­Ins­i­de­Emer­gen­cy­Ra­di­usDefault is false.

Assign User Rela­ted Aut­ho­rizati­on for Detour


In the Map­Trip Man­ger, users can be given the right to various editing functions.

Prio­ri­ti­ze / Avo­id with Speed and Delay

The func­tion for prio­ri­tiz­ing or avo­i­ding roads has been impro­ved. The assu­med dri­ving speed is now dis­play­ed for the sel­ec­ted road (if seve­ral roads are sel­ec­ted, the avera­ge speed is displayed).


To prio­ri­ti­ze the road, a hig­her speed can be ente­red. To avo­id it, a lower speed and/or a delay can be entered.

The grea­ter the dif­fe­rence bet­ween the ori­gi­nal speed and the new speed, the more pro­no­un­ced the prioritization/avoidance.

Use of Pede­stri­an Roads

The settings.ini ent­ry Use­Pe­de­stri­an­Ways can be used to set whe­ther Map­Trip is allo­wed to dri­ve on pede­stri­an paths or not. Even if Use­Pe­de­stri­an­Ways = true, pede­stri­an paths are only used if the desti­na­ti­on is loca­ted the­re. Default is true. This only applies to onboard rou­ting (rou­tes that are cal­cu­la­ted on the mobi­le device).


Show Turn Arrows next to Route


So that you can see the rou­te color as well as the turn arrows, Fol­low­Me draws the turn arrows off­set to the side of the route.


GPS Set Posi­ti­on — A Bet­ter Start from your Par­king Area

Right at the start of a jour­ney, the­re is often no infor­ma­ti­on about the direc­tion in which you should dri­ve off. For com­pa­ny pre­mi­ses, halls or fire sta­ti­ons, this pro­blem can be sol­ved with the new function.

With the Gps.setPosition func­tion, SDK users can spe­ci­fy a GPS posi­ti­on and an ori­en­ta­ti­on for defi­ned par­king posi­ti­ons of the vehicle.

The func­tion ori­gi­na­tes from a requi­re­ment in the fire depart­ment sec­tor, but is extre­me­ly useful for many users! The jour­ney of every fire engi­ne beg­ins with the decis­i­on whe­ther to turn left or right after lea­ving the sta­ti­on. Until now, this has often not work­ed relia­bly, as the­re is often not a suf­fi­ci­ent­ly good GPS signal available in the fire sta­ti­on (in the depot, in the warehou­se, in the hall…). At the start of the jour­ney, it is the­r­e­fo­re not pos­si­ble to relia­bly indi­ca­te whe­ther to turn left or right.


The Gps.setPosition func­tion is used to give the navi­ga­ti­on a loca­ti­on and a direc­tion of tra­vel (oran­ge arrow in the image). In addi­ti­on, you must draw a new “road” (pink line in the pic­tu­re) to the par­king lot using Detour. Due to the set par­king posi­ti­on, the navi­ga­ti­on system then cal­cu­la­tes cor­rect­ly from the par­king lot to the desti­na­ti­on and imme­dia­te­ly gives the first dri­ving ins­truc­tion cor­rect­ly at the start of the journey.

The func­tion takes effect as soon as the device is within the red radius.

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