Truck Par­king

Worse than fin­ding a need­le in a hay­stack — that’s how it often feels for truck dri­vers to find a truck par­king space!

For years, the­re has been a gla­ring shorta­ge of truck par­king spaces in Ger­ma­ny. As the Bun­des­ver­band Güter­kraft­ver­kehr Logi­stik und Ent­sor­gung (BGL) e.V. (Fede­ral Asso­cia­ti­on of Road Hau­la­ge, Logi­stics and Dis­po­sal) announ­ced in a press release in 2019, the­re is a shorta­ge of around 35,000 — 40,000 truck par­king spaces in Ger­ma­ny. Short­ly befo­re the end of the dri­ving and rest peri­od, the wild search for a par­king space beg­ins new every day for the dri­vers. Often ending up on free­way slip roads or hard shoulders.

To help dri­vers in this alre­a­dy ten­se situa­ti­on and sim­pli­fy the truck par­king search, we have always inte­gra­ted truck par­king spaces in our Map­Trip GPS app. Across Euro­pe, the­re are appro­xi­m­ate­ly 15,718 par­king lots, 251 truck stops and 6,773 rest stops listed (Tom­Tom map data 2021.09), pro­vi­ding dri­vers with navi­ga­ti­on and par­king lot search con­ve­ni­ence in one app. Sin­ce we also want to con­sist­ent­ly pro­vi­de the best ser­vice with the least dis­trac­tion for dri­vers, we have fur­ther refi­ned the par­king lot search sin­ce the begin­ning of the year.

Truck par­king spaces as POIs (points of inte­rest) in the navi­ga­ti­on map

Dri­vers can now sim­ply tap a par­king space on the map and start navi­ga­ting to it.

Truck Parking
Truck Parking

This is becau­se truck par­king spaces are now repre­sen­ted by a green, oran­ge or red par­king space sym­bol on the map.

The color dif­fe­ren­tia­ti­on allo­ws the dri­ver to see at a glan­ce what type of truck par­king lot it is:

Green = simp­le par­king lots on the high­way wit­hout spe­cial facilities.

Oran­ge = rest stops on the high­way with gas sta­ti­on, par­king lot and com­fort facilities.

Red = truck stops off the high­way with com­fort facilities.

Tap — start rou­te gui­dance — done.

But Map­Trip can do much more!

Find the nea­rest truck par­king along the route

Map­Trip also shows the nea­rest par­king lot along the rou­te, as well as an over­view list of all par­king lots along the route.

Truck Parking
Truck Parking

The par­king lot icon in the lower right cor­ner of Traf­fic Com­pa­n­ion takes the dri­ver to the detail­ed view of the nea­rest truck par­king lot. The KM dis­play shows how far away the next par­king lot or ser­vice area is. The dri­ver can now direct­ly start the rou­te gui­dance the­re or dis­play all par­king places along the rou­te in a list.

The respec­ti­ve distance of the rest stops is of cour­se also indi­ca­ted so that the dri­ver can sel­ect the cor­rect par­king space within his remai­ning dri­ving time.

The list can also be cal­led up via the menu item Truck Parking.

Truck Parking
Truck Parking
Truck Parking

Sin­ce the dri­ver spends his free time end of the day at the rest stop, it is espe­ci­al­ly important to know what com­fort faci­li­ties awaits him at the rest stops.

The­r­e­fo­re, all the infor­ma­ti­on about the com­fort faci­li­ties is given in the detail view. Is the­re a restau­rant, toi­lets, show­ers, a store, a gas sta­ti­on, repair faci­li­ties or a hotel / motel.

Clear and prac­ti­cal, the dri­ver recei­ves all the infor­ma­ti­on in an app.

We can only thank all truck dri­vers for the gre­at job they do for us. Espe­ci­al­ly in times of cri­sis, it shows again and again how important they are for our sup­p­ly and our qua­li­ty of life. We would like to do our part to make the dri­vers’ working day more com­for­ta­ble and safer.

Dear truck dri­vers — we are always open to requests and sug­ge­sti­ons on the sub­ject of truck par­king and look for­ward to hea­ring from you.

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