Truck navigation app, SDK and server interface for professional users in telematics, logistics, trucking, 112, waste management and more.


Our Framework for GPS app – MapTrip Remote

In our new telematics framework MapTrip Remote we have combined GPS app, server and web to a new whole, so that you can use the functionality of MapTrip even more easily: In the new browser application, you can not only follow the positions of the navigation devices live, but also display their current routes and the traffic situation. The calculated arrival time is also displayed. In addition, individual destinations, stop lists and even complex routes can be sent to the individual navigation devices.

MapTrip Remote provides the entire software for your telematics infrastructure

MapTrip Remote Editor as part of our telematics framework.

In a professional telematics environment, a GPS app is usually not used as a stand-alone system but as an integrated part of extensive software in the telematics infrastructure. We have developed MapTrip Remote precisely for this scenario. The following functions can now be used without programming effort:

  • Live tracking with traffic information
  • Show current route of navigation
  • Show arrival time
  • Transfer Navigation Destination
  • Transfer stop list
  • Optimize stop list
  • Design and transfer an individual route

MapTrip Remote thus provides the basic functions of a turnkey navigation system and is easy to integrate into a Telematics infrastructure.

What are the advantages for your Telematics infrastructure?

These are some of the main features you can add to your telematics enviroment with MapTrip Remote:

  • Remote control of MapTrip navigation from the web browser.
  • Send destinations, tours or reference routes to a mobile device.
  • Query ETAs from the end device. 
  • Perform sequence optimization of multiple addresses and send them to a device.
  • Live view of the vehicles on the map.
  • Route calculation based on individual vehicle profile (truck routing).
  • Available as browser application or as JavaScript API.

Why integrate MapTrip Remote into your Telematics infrastructure?

It is the Telematics framework that allows you to maintain an overview at all times: Where is a particular vehicle and when will it reach its destination?

  • Having to phone after the drivers is a thing of the past.
  • Being able to react flexibly and easily to changes in destination.
  • Cost-saving and efficient navigation through sequence optimization.
  • Simple, understandable user interface.
  • The simple solution for your telematics for vehicle control via navigation.
  • Complete web application or can be integrated into your own web application via IFrame.
  • Or design as part of a telematics application with MapTrip MapAPI      (JavaScript API).

Precise Route Planning

You can also use MapTrip Remote for Route planning. Based on the current traffic situation or without traffic. With the exact departure time. Start from address or Start from selected device. Precise and up-to-date route calculation according to individual requirements. MapTrip Remote as a Route Planner is a ideal complement for your Telematics infrastructure.

Truck Routing

Our Telematics framework comes with the Remote Editor, an web application that can be used directly in the web browser. Here you can create your own Truck Profile. With the exact vehicle parameters: 

  • Length, width, height, weight.
  • Number of axles and axle load.
  • Danger class.
  • Only roads suitable for the selected vehicle parameters and hazard class are taken into account in the route calculation.
MapTrip Remote is the ideal complement for your telematics infrastructure. Here you see how to add Truck Profiles.

Wide range of applications

MapTrip Remote is a telematics framework and includes the GPS app MapTrip on the mobile device (from version 4.9), a JavaScript API and a browser application.

There are now three easy to use alternatives for remote navigation control:

  1. The MapTrip Remote web application, to be operated via the MapTrip Remote Editor.
  2. The web application can be integrated into own web applications via iFrame.

To develop own telematics application

Use the functions of MapTrip MapAPI. The MapTrip JavaScript API contains comfortable functions for communication with the navigation. This makes it easy to develop your own Telematics application and design as part of telematics application. 

MapTrip Remote provides the entire software for your telematics infrastructure!

You can find detailed information about out Telematics framework plus video on the MapTrip Remote Website or contact us directly!