MapTrip MapAPI extends GPS-Navigation to the web

The JavaScript API of MapTrip is the perfect tool for creating map based applications. It offers easy communication with MapTrip navigation apps like position tracking, sending destinations and querying arrival times. On top of that MapTrip MapAPI offers professional grade routing and planning features based on the best map and traffic data on the market.

The remote control for your MapTrip GPS Navigation

MapTrip MapAPI has been designed to integrate GPS-Navigation easily into your telematics application. It acts as a remote control and monitoring system for MapTrip.

MapAPI lets you calculate routes and tours and send them directly to MapTrip for navigation. Query current position, ETA or the route your vehicle is driving. It is as easy as 123.

Choose the best maps and traffic data available

  • We are working with the best map and traffic data providers in the world to offer you the most detailed maps, the most precise routes and the most up to date traffic.
  • With MapTrip MapAPI you can choose between TomTom, HERE and OpenStreetMap.

MapTrip MapAPI

Rich Features

MapAPI‘s features go way beyond simple A-B route calculation. Optimize the sequence of your stops and control the exact route your vehicle is about to drive on the way. All with the latest traffic technology.

Remote Control

MapAPI is designed as a remote control for the MapTrip GPS Navigation app. It easily lets you send destinations and tours to your vehicles. You can also monitor their position and ETA in real time.

Secure Hosting in the EU

We take care of the security of your data and host the MapAPI in data centers in the EU only.