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New How To Video On Truck Navigation

Julia from our sales team has created a how to video playlist explaining the most important features of our MapTrip Truck navigation app.

Meet Julia! She is usually busy providing extremely valuable support to our front line sales team. She has their backs so they can spend as much time as possible with our customers. However, during the last two weeks she has been busy on a different assignment. She has created a playlist of currently 15 short videos explaining the basic features of our truck navigation app.

Starting with the installation of the navigation app to the main buttons in the app, she takes you on a tour of the MapTrip navigation world. She also gives you some helpful how-to advice on common questions about the FollowMe-Editor.

“If you prefer to watch a short video rather than read a lengthy manual, than the new YouTube playlist is just right for you!”

The playlist starts out with “How to install the navigation” where Julia explains how to install an Android APK without using the Google Playstore. The other videos cover topics like “How to find a truck parking in the navigation” or “How to create a vehicle profile in a truck navigation”

We will continue to add new videos to the list, so please come back and check every now and then. And if you have suggestions for topics we have not thought of, please send us a note! 🙂