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How to share the navigation screen with another app

In many use cases, it is necessary to additionally display information from your own app to the driver during navigation. For this purpose, MapTrip has a screen sharing setting.

The driver of an emergency vehicle needs to know what type of emergency it is on the way to the scene. How many people are involved? How severe are the injuries? etc.

MapTrip is typically used in conjunction with another app. So in the above example, there is a second app that receives the mission information from the control center. This app would then start MapTrip via an interface or an intent and begin the route guidance. Initially, the deployment app is displayed, but it has to leave the navigation screen when destination guidance is started.

How can navigation and my app share the screen?

MapTrip provides a simple means for this. Via the settings file, you can define a screen area that is left free by MapTrip. This way, both apps can share the screen, and the inset app can display its own content. For this, the following entries are required in the settings.ini, for example:


The value x specifies the number of pixels that are left free at the left edge of the screen. Analogously, space can also be left free at the top, bottom or right edge of the screen. To do this, use the parameters

LayoutMarginTop, LayoutMarginBottom, LayoutMarginRight

See the MapTrip settings file documentation for a full description of the layout parameters.

Many examples of application can also be found in other industries. In the transport industry, for example, when reaching the destination, you can specify additional information such as the number of the unloading ramp or the name of the customer.

Share the screen with navigation. Other applications

In FollowMe applications, such as household waste collection or use in snow removal vehicles, it is not enough just to indicate the route. At the same time, the driver must also receive instructions on whether to use the snow plow, for example. If the screen is shared with the navigation, the proprietary app can display the relevant indications.

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