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GPS app for waste management – With MapTrip FollowMe, any driver can drive any route!

How MapTrip FollowMe helps with flexible workforce planning.

Would you also like to be able to assign any tour to any driver? The dreaded early morning phone call – your driver’s sick call – will let you stay completely calm in the future, because the time-consuming rescheduling of drivers is eliminated. MapTrip FollowMe is the solution to support your municipal waste collection tours, enabling any driver to perform any tour flawlessly without training or local knowledge. It is the GPS app for waste management.

Because drivers have to do much more than drive from A to B.

The driver’s job is no longer just to drive from A to B, but to work on the most complex routes. He has to drive in and out of dead ends, drive the same road 2 or 3 times per tour and in a certain order, drive backwards and still perform the actual service – collecting the bins.

If a regular driver drops out at short notice, you can break out in a sweat early in the morning. How do you quickly find someone who knows the route and can still drive it? And who then takes over the tour of the substitute driver?

With MapTrip FollowMe, every driver can perform the same high quality of service every time, even in areas they are not familiar with.

Stay flexible in your staff scheduling

This gives you greater efficiency and flexibility in staff scheduling. The driver is less distracted and therefore drives more safely and you have fewer customer complaints afterwards.

May we show you the GPS app for waste management in more detail?

Watch the video to see how easy and intuitive MapTrip FollowMe is to use. Do you still have questions? We would be happy to explain the programme to you in more detail. By the way, you can use MapTrip FollowMe Navigation not only for waste management, but also for street cleaning and winter services.

Feel free to test the GPS for waste management for yourself

If you are the practical type and would like to try MapTrip FollowMe for yourself, you are welcome to download a free trial version (1 month) from our website.