A GPS navigation app, SDK and server interface for professional use cases in telematics, logistics, trucking, 112, waste disposal and more.

The Voice of the Navigation

We show how a navigation system with its voice helps a driver to master difficult driving tasks, e.g. snow clearing or waste disposal.

Professionals need a navigation system that does more than say “turn left” or “turn right”. For challenging driving tasks such as clearing snow or with a 40-ton truck, detailed supporting instructions are a great help.

In the first video we show how Text-To-Speech software is used to insert custom voice instructions to improve route guidance and to master difficult driving tasks.

In the second video you can see how the voice navigation system is used at Leipzig Airport for winter road maintenance. With MapTrip FollowMe, the company GPSoverIP has built a solution that tells the drivers exactly where to sprinkle with salt and where not.

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