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How to send an optimized route to a GPS app

Our video shows how you can plan and optimize a route before sending it to a GPS app.

In our video we show you how to send an optimized route to a GPSapp. It is a common challenge in everyday logistics planning. You have created a perfect route containing all the stops necessary and considering all the restrictions of your vehicle. But then it becomes very difficult, if not impossible to make sure, that the driver actually takes that route.

What happens in many cases is, that the driver is given a list of addresses which he then enters into his own GPS software. The result can be that more toll costs are incurred than planned. Worse still would be if the truck got stuck under too low a bridge. Either can happen if drivers are using their own GPS software or just Google Maps.

MapTrip offers a cure to that source of frustration. Actually it offers two! MapTrip has two sets of features that solve the problem and make sure drivers take the exact route YOU planned out for them.

In this video we explain common use cases of FollowMe and Reference Route. FollowMe is for following super complex routes usually in urban environments while Reference Route is a great feature for Truck Navigation to make sure, drivers follow a pre planned route.

When should I use the Reference Route?

I you are planning a long-haul route over hundreds of kilometers and you figured out the best route consindering toll and parking places then reference route is the best solution for you. Once you have optimized the route, you can send it to the MapTrip GPS app for guidance.

When should I use FollowMe?

FollowMe is a feature which we have developed according to requirements from the waste management and winter services industries. These use cases tend to involve very complex routes which try to cover every road in an area. They also go into a dead end street, turn around at the end and go back. A route like this can only be driven with FollowMe.

I already have a planning tool. Can I use it with MapTrip?

Yes, you can! You can use the planning tool we show in the video or you can use your own. All you need to do is export your route as a csv-file. Then you can send the optimized route to the GPS app.