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Edit the Map for your GPS App Test

The Detour Editor lets you block and unblock roads, modify turning restrictions and thus edit the map of your GPS app in fire fighting, police and rescue services.

The Detour Editor is intended for police, fire and rescue teams and is part of the GPS app MapTrip 112. With the Detour Editor you can record road closures such as construction sites or street festivals and calculate routes for your emergency vehicles. The closures are automatically synchronized with the MapTrip 112 GPS app.

Go to our Detour Editor portal and try out the demo version, in which you can easily test the functionalities like the insertion of a road block. It contains a route calculation tool so you can easily see how your GPS app will use the map edit.

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Read how the Fire Department Wuppertal, Germany uses MapTrip 112.

MapTrip 112 was developed in close cooperation with multiple professional fire fighting units in Germany. Over the years we have incorporated a lot of feedback and developed features like the Emergency Routing. The emergency routing creates a perimeter around the destination. Upon reaching the perimeter the GPS app follows a more direct route to the destination, when it is in a park or a normally blocked road.

The other main feature of the MapTrip 112 GPS app is the ability to use the editor to use the GPS’s map data. In the control center a user can use the web editor to add or remove road blockages or modify turning restriction which may not apply to vehicles in an emergency mission.