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Start a new navigation from your desktop

maptrip remote

With a click on the map in your browser you can remotely start a new navigation.

Flexible Integration

maptrip remote

1. Ready-to-use solution, browser-based


  • Quickly available solution for vehicle control/navigation.
  • Web application directly in the browser.
  • Live tracking of vehicles incl. ETAs, tour optimization, sending destinations/tours to vehicles.

2. Integration into websites


  • Easy inline frame integration into a website or desktop application.

3. Integration into a telematics application


  • Use the entire telematics infrastructure with our JavaScript API.
  • For customers who require additional functions in addition to the vehicle control system.
  • Easy and fast transfer of remote functions into your application.

Create an optimized itinerary and send it to MapTrip

maptrip remote

Use the MapTrip Remote website (or the API) to create an itinerary and send it directly to your MapTrip navigation app.

MapTrip receives new destinations automatically

The Remote web application sends a navigation target to the infoware cloud. This transmits the destination to the corresponding MapTrip device. All the driver has to do is to confirm and drive off.

maptrip remote

Layout a route on the desktop for MapTrip to follow

maptrip remote

The Reference Route feature allows you to define the layout of a route. You can drag and drop the route to create the exact path the vehicle should drive. Then simply send it to the MapTrip app on your selected device.