Emergency GPS navigation with integrated water tapping points

Wasserkarte.info develops software for municipalities and fire departments. You can use the software to record all water intake points such as hydrants or fire ponds in your operational area. These are then synchronized with the MapTrip 112 GPS Navigation, an operational navigation especially for fire departments, and displayed on the map. The driver thus sees the water intake points with all mission-relevant information along his route or destination. GPS navigation to the intake points is also integrated.

To do this, you need to perform the following steps, which we explain in detail in each case:

  1. Registering your company and downloading the MapTrip 112 app.
  2. Registration on Wasserkarte.info. (If you already have an account on Wasserkarte.info log in with your account).
  3. Create water intakes in Wasserkarte.info.
  4. Create access key in Wasserkarte.info.
  5. Enter access key in MapTrip 112 app.
  6. Done - The intake points are now synchronized with MapTrip GPS Navigation and displayed.

Please note: The water intake point will be taken over during the first initialization and in the further course the synchronization will be done overnight. This means, all further water intake points created by you will be displayed in the GPS navigation the next morning.

The steps are explained in detail here:

Download MapTrip 112 on your Android device (tablet/mobile).

  1. Go to the MapTrip 112 download page.
  2. Register your company. You will receive an email from MapTrip Support - click Activate account.
  3. You can now log in to download with your EMailAddress and password.
  4. Select the country coverage and language of the installation.
  5. Create and download APK.
  6. Copy the APK to your device.
  7. Install MapTrip (APK under own files) and load map data.


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