Job Openings - Infoware is a young, medium-sized company and a leader in the field of GPS navigation technology and map software for professional applications.

With our own navigation software MapTrip which is based on our navigation SDK we have developed professional navigation solutions for police, rescue services, logistics as well as supply and disposal: With our products we are on a growth course and want to strengthen our personnel!

Currently we are not actively looking for employees.
Nevertheless, good people always have a chance with us.

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Mr. Thomas Schulte-Hillen

Tech­ni­cal Cus­to­mer Con­sul­tant GPS Navi­ga­ti­on in Sales (m/f/d) — Ger­man speaker

Your desti­na­ti­on is in the old town of Bonn!

As one of only a handful of com­pa­nies world­wi­de, info­wa­re GmbH spe­cia­li­zes in the deve­lo­p­ment and dis­tri­bu­ti­on of pro­fes­sio­nal GPS navi­ga­ti­on soft­ware for trucks, the poli­ce, fire and res­cue ser­vices, as well as waste manage­ment and win­ter ser­vices. Our GPS navi­ga­ti­on solu­ti­ons are available in dif­fe­rent ver­si­ons and are equip­ped with a wide ran­ge of modern func­tions. This enables us to offer our cus­to­mers pro­ducts with usa­ge opti­ons that are opti­mal­ly tail­o­red to their indi­vi­du­al area of appli­ca­ti­on. It is very important to us not to lea­ve our users alo­ne. No mat­ter if they have simp­le or com­plex tech­ni­cal que­sti­ons — we try to sup­port and advi­se them optimally.

Tech­ni­cal cus­to­mer con­sul­tant in sales (m/f/d)

Do you like to get to the bot­tom of things and want to live out your hel­per men­ta­li­ty to the full in a pro­fes­sio­nal con­text? If you enjoy working with expe­ri­en­ced soft­ware users and pro­no­un­ced tech­no­lo­gy pro­fes­sio­nals in a goal-ori­en­ted dia­log to deve­lop solu­ti­ons to various pro­blems, we have an exci­ting task for you.

Your start at info­wa­re: Step by step to beco­ming a navi­ga­ti­on professional

  • We are wai­ting for you in a chic office in Bonn’s old town within wal­king distance of the main train sta­ti­on. Here, two ado­rable office dachs­hunds and a moti­va­ted team are alre­a­dy loo­king for­ward to wel­co­ming you in their midst.
  • In our dai­ly mee­tings we main­ly dis­cuss com­plex cus­to­mer que­sti­ons and intro­du­ce you to dif­fe­rent navi­ga­ti­on topics. In this way, you will learn step by step to work out solu­ti­ons inde­pendent­ly and to imple­ment them with your customers.
  • After a short peri­od of time, you will alre­a­dy be able to assist our cus­to­mers via tele­pho­ne and e‑mail with minor tech­ni­cal hurd­les such as the instal­la­ti­on of soft­ware or the exten­si­on of licenses.
  • After your fami­lia­rizati­on pha­se, you can look for­ward to a varied mix of very simp­le to extre­me­ly deman­ding tech­ni­cal que­sti­ons from our cus­to­mers, which you will ans­wer on your own initiative.
  • You will also be invol­ved in the ongo­ing opti­mizati­on of our cus­to­mer sup­port and will help us, for exam­p­le, to design an FAQ sec­tion on our web­site that deals with simp­le pro­blems and helps to reli­e­ve the workload on you and your col­le­agues. Your ide­as are also wel­co­me when it comes to con­tri­bu­ting to pro­duct development.

Short stop: All skills on board?

  • You bring with you a suc­cessful­ly com­ple­ted com­mer­cial app­ren­ti­ce­ship with a tech­ni­cal back­ground, pre­fer­a­b­ly in the field of soft­ware, or a tech­ni­cal app­ren­ti­ce­ship and know­ledge of office management.
  • Ide­al­ly, you have alre­a­dy gai­ned pro­fes­sio­nal expe­ri­ence in tech­ni­cal cus­to­mer ser­vice or you have lear­ned in a sales posi­ti­on to act in a cus­to­mer-ori­en­ted man­ner and to com­mu­ni­ca­te with dif­fe­rent cont­acts at eye level.
  • You have a strong ana­ly­ti­cal mind, which, cou­pled with your pati­ent but prag­ma­tic approach, enables you to deci­pher pro­blem descrip­ti­ons that are not very meaningful.
  • After your suc­cessful trai­ning, you will repre­sent info­wa­re GmbH as a pro­duct spe­cia­list at trade fairs. A cor­re­spon­ding wil­ling­ness to tra­vel is a mat­ter of cour­se for you.
  • In addi­ti­on to excel­lent Ger­man, you also speak flu­ent Eng­lish. Abo­ve all, you inspi­re us with your high com­mit­ment to get to know our navi­ga­ti­on soft­ware and to fami­lia­ri­ze yours­elf with its spe­cial features.

You have rea­ched your goal: your new homebase

  • We are a young, medi­um-sized soft­ware com­pa­ny with for­ward-loo­king pro­ducts, a rising sales cur­ve and big plans.
  • Tal­king open­ly with each other is part of our cor­po­ra­te cul­tu­re — not only in our sup­port mee­tings, but also some­ti­mes in bet­ween. Gre­at ide­as, wis­hes, worries? With us, ever­ything worth tal­king about is put on the table!
  • In an inten­si­ve onboar­ding pro­cess, you will work hand in hand with the sales manage­ment. You can look for­ward to pro­fes­sio­nal sup­port during the initi­al peri­od and beyond.
  • We are pret­ty sure that you will like our office as much as we do. Nevert­hel­ess, you are wel­co­me to spend up to 50% of your working time in the home office and sup­port our cus­to­mers from there.
  • With a com­pa­ny pen­si­on plan, we’ll make sure you’­re well off later on. With chal­len­ging table soc­cer duels, we alre­a­dy pro­vi­de even more varie­ty and fun at work.

Do you like the idea of working lar­ge­ly inde­pendent­ly and being able to build on a strong team that sup­ports you just as relia­bly as you sup­port our cus­to­mers? Then we look for­ward to recei­ving your appli­ca­ti­on documents.

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