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Professional GPS-Navigation For Your Industry

GPS Navigation with Interface for your Industry

Truck Gps Navigation - MapTrip is available in different variants as a truck GPS, as a GPS for waste management and as a GPS for police and fire departments. All variants have an interface and are prepared for integration into telematics systems or control centers. As a user of our GPS app, you can choose between the latest maps and traffic data from TomTom, Here or Open Street Map.

Truck GPS

MapTrip Truck contains the most current traffic information and considers your truck's dimensions.

Waste Management

MapTrip FollowMe is specialized GPS app for waste management, street cleaning and similar applications.

Fire Departments

MapTrip 112 is a GPS app for Fire Departments and Police. It connects to your command center and allows editing the maps.

GPS Navigation for Developers

MapTrip is made not only for professional drivers but also for professional developers. That is why MapTrip is available as an easy to use app with interface and as a Software Development Kit (SDK). So for every requirement there is a perfect solution to integrate the GPS into your environment.


Easy to use and fully featured


Integrate and customize GPS features into your software


Configure and control navigation via an interface

Maptrip Navigation

Tutorial – How to integrate the Truck Navigation Interface

In this tutorial we take you on a step by step course to integrate the MapTrip Truck navigation interface into your own application. The tutorial consists of multiple lessons which build upon each other and take you through the process of building an app that remote controls MapTrip.

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ETA Calculation

How a GPS navigation software calculates the ETA

The article explains, how the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is calculated, how it takes live traffic information into account and how we use big data to improve our calculation.

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Interschutz 2021 in Hannover

INTERSCHUTZ is the world’s leading trade fair for fire brigades, rescue services, civil protection and security…

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