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Truck GPS App for Android – Update

Navigation App MapTrip 4.11 with maps from TomTom, Here and OSM

The new version 4.11 of our Truck GPS App for Android MapTrip is now available. Read more about what is new and improved.

Map Data

MapTrip users now have the choice between map data from TomTom, Here and Open Street Map (OSM). Depending on location and use case one or the other may provide better performance for your solution.

Truck GPS App For Android

Memory Usage Reduced

A major requirement of version 4.11 was an overall better runtime behavior. For this purpose, large parts of the program code were revised or exchanged and the memory consumption was reduced. As a result, many changes are not immediately visible, but have an impact on the stability and performance of the app.

At the same time, compatibility with older Android versions up to 4.1 was taken into account.

Cancel bypassed traffic incident without additional dialogue

The bypass of a traffic incident can be cancelled within the list for traffic information. In the previous version, this had to be confirmed again by pressing one more button. Also the error is corrected that in some cases annulment was not possible.

Send Destinations to the GPS App

With MapTrip Remote routes sent by the editor are processed even if the user (driver) has called up a menu item at that time. In addition, the processing of received routes has been adjusted so that the last route sent is always displayed for selection. This feature is exclusive to the Android version of the Truck GPS App.

Send destinations and routes to the navigation app

Leaving a FollowMe Route

If you were in a menu while leaving a FollowMe Route, this could cause the app to become unstable. This has been corrected.

Representation of the rounding of distances

The display of long (four-digit) distances to the next turn was not very nice, especially when using miles as a unit. This has been improved.

Hide submenu warnings

The ‘Warnings’ submenu can now also be hidden in admin mode.

Additional entry in settings.ini (see also Activating the admin mode in the documentation)


In the admin mode navigation settings can be hidden from the user

Switch ‘Speed Camera Warning’ in the Warnings menu while licence option is not activated

The Speed Camera Warning check box in the ‘Warnings’ submenu is no longer displayed if the function has not been activated in the licence.

Voice output of FollowMe events in background operation mode

The output of events via text-to-speech now also works when the app runs in the background. This is the case, for example, when MapTrip is controlled via MTI and overlaid by the customer app.

Find petrol stations with cash payment

Gas stations with cash payment are now also found if the language set in the app differs from German.

POIs Clustering

While zooming out, POIs are grouped into clusters, which improves clarity on the map.

Clustering of POI icons on navigation map

Adjustments of translations

Some text passages of the user interface have been newly translated depending on the language.

Stand-By feature for Truck Navigation Android

If the vehicle is not moved, the use of online services is paused. This reduces telecommunication charges. This feature can be controlled by configuration entries.

  • the radius within which the vehicle remains (default is 500 meters)
  • the minimum time of standstill (default is 3600 seconds)

As GPS signals can ‘jump’, the radius should not be selected too small, otherwise the standstill would be erroneously cancelled.


Avoidance of ferries

In some cases ferry connections were used for route calculation although the option Avoid Ferries was active.

Improved guidance in emergency mode

For MapTrip 112 the guidance in emergency mode, especially in residential areas, has been optimized.

Correction of behaviour in case of road closure

In some cases the direction of road closures was not correctly considered.

Correction of behaviour on motorways

In exceptional cases, when driving on motorways, the destination was guided via the feeder road parallel to the motorway. This was corrected.

Representation of the vehicle position

By setting the following parameter the matching of the vehicle symbol on roads can be activated/deactivated or the actual GPS coordinate is shown:

ShowMatchedPosition=always | duringGuidance | never
always (default): the vehicle symbol always will be matched to the street (if this makes sense depending to the current situation)
duringGuidance: the matching is only carried out for target guidance
never: the vehicle symbol is displayed according to the current GPS coordinate

MapTrip Interface (MTI)

Adjustment Api::ShowServer für Android 10

Starting with Android 10, Google has made changes that prevent intents from starting from an app that is in the background. One resulting effect is that apps can no longer bring themselves into the foreground.
We have therefore extended the MTI library so that the user app can prompt MapTrip to bring the app to the front.

Please note: If it is not possible to update to the latest library in the app, the Android settings can be used to give the necessary permission for apps to bring themselves to the foreground. Since this is not a run-time permission and the possibility to call up the necessary settings menu is only possible until Android 10 is supported, we decided against the implementation of this variant. More information

Correction of the Funktion Api::hideServer

When calling Api::hideServer the corresponding callback ApiListener::hideServerResult is now called.

Notification of event Info.MAPTRIP_STARTED

The behaviour after starting MapTrip is described in the documentation in such a way that this event is re-ported to the callback ApiListener::infoMsg as Info.MAPTRIP_STARTED. This was adjusted accordingly. From the time of incoming this call MapTrip is ready to receive the Api::init and process MTI calls.

Intent Interface

Submitting a destination address

Adaptation to the behaviour of the SDK. Use of the optional specification of an address for destination transfer with coordinates in the format:

The guidance to the coordinate is now via the specified street.