Ser­ver API

The Map­Trip Ser­ver-API for con­trol centers

You would like to recei­ve the same rou­tes in the navi­ga­ti­on as in the con­trol cen­ter? You want to deter­mi­ne in a flash which vehic­le could be at the sce­ne of an emer­gen­cy the fastest? And be able to clo­se roads due to road works, for exam­p­le? Then take a look at our new Ser­ver-API for con­trol centers!

Server API
Block roads that are too nar­row and they will be taken into account when cal­cu­la­ting the route.

We are plea­sed to intro­du­ce our new Map­Trip Ser­ver-API. Espe­ci­al­ly for the deve­lo­pers of con­trol cen­ters, we have exten­ded our spe­cial GPS navi­ga­ti­on Map­Trip 112 for the fire depart­ment and poli­ce with a ser­ver inter­face to be able to con­nect the con­trol cen­ter with the navigation.

The num­e­rous func­tions of the Ser­ver-API enhan­ce your con­trol cen­ter soft­ware enorm­ously. Sin­ce the Ser­ver-API uses the same data in the con­trol cen­ter as in the navi­ga­ti­on, you can be sure that the desti­na­ti­on gui­dance in the navi­ga­ti­on and in the con­trol cen­ter plan­ning is the same when cal­cu­la­ting the rou­te.

You can block or unblock roads (e.g. pede­stri­an zones) but also pre­fer or avo­id roads. Like, for exam­p­le, a bypass around a town if the direct rou­te through the town cen­ter is faster. Per­so­na­li­ze the rou­te plan­ning exact­ly as it suits your cir­cum­stances best.

With the ETA query, in com­bi­na­ti­on with a distance matrix cal­cu­la­ti­on, you can deter­mi­ne in a flash which vehic­le can be at the sce­ne the fastest and alert it accor­din­gly. All pre­vious­ly ente­red blocka­ges are of cour­se taken into account.

It is also hel­pful that truck attri­bu­tes can be edi­ted in the map, e.g. if a bridge is only pas­sa­ble up to 10 tons for public traf­fic, but may be loa­ded hig­her by fire depart­ments in case of emergency.

All blockings, truck attri­bu­tes etc. can be visua­li­zed and fur­ther edi­ted in the web edi­tor.

The Ser­ver-API comes with a com­pre­hen­si­ve packa­ge of docu­men­ta­ti­on, a tuto­ri­al and we have crea­ted a dedi­ca­ted play­list on our You­Tube chan­nel for this.

If you have any que­sti­ons, plea­se send us a mes­sa­ge — we will be hap­py to advi­se you on fur­ther pos­si­ble appli­ca­ti­ons of the Server-API.


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