Saving Fuel

Save fuel costs – with Map­Trip Truck GPS Navi­ga­ti­on. Find the che­a­pest Gas sta­ti­on along your route!

Fuel pri­ces of over 2 euros per liter have unfort­u­n­a­te­ly beco­me the nor­mal rea­li­ty. For freight for­war­ders in par­ti­cu­lar, this poses a real thre­at to their exi­stence, becau­se no truck can dri­ve with an emp­ty tank. That is why it is par­ti­cu­lar­ly annoy­ing in the­se times when you buy fuel more expen­si­ve than neces­sa­ry. Would­n’t you or your dri­vers pre­fer to find the che­a­pest gas sta­ti­on along your rou­te and thus save fuel costs with every tank filling?

With Map­Trip Truck GPS navi­ga­ti­on you can save on fuel costs every time you fill up your tank with the inte­gra­ted gas sta­ti­on search. It will show you the che­a­pest gas sta­ti­on along the rou­te or near you.

Near­by gas sta­ti­ons are also taken into account

Some­ti­mes the che­a­pest gas sta­ti­on is a litt­le off the high­way. The­r­e­fo­re, we also take into account the gas sta­ti­ons that can be rea­ched by a slight detour. So you save on a tank fil­ling com­pared to the high­way gas sta­ti­on some­ti­mes up to 20ct / liter. All you need is an inter­net connection.

You always have the latest fuel pri­ces at your disposal

To do this, you must first sel­ect under Set­tings — Gene­ral — whe­ther you want to have the che­a­pest fuel pri­ces or truck par­king dis­play­ed in Com­pa­n­ion Traffic.

If you have sel­ec­ted Fuel pri­ces”, the che­a­pest gas sta­ti­on for your fuel type will be dis­play­ed on your route.

If you now click on the gas sta­ti­on icon in Com­pa­n­ion Traf­fic at the bot­tom right, you will see all important infor­ma­ti­on about the che­a­pest gas sta­ti­on and you can scroll your fin­ger up the screen to see more details like last update, ser­vices (store, ATM…) and the accept­ed payment methods.

If you tap on the but­ton “Each one along rou­te” all gas sta­ti­ons along the rou­te will be listed, which you can sort by:

  • by pri­ce (€)
  • alpha­be­ti­cal­ly (A‑Z)
  • distance (km) as the crow flies.

In the over­view list you can always see how many meters off the rou­te the gas sta­ti­on is located.

For each gas sta­ti­on the cur­rent pri­ce of the sel­ec­ted fuel type is dis­play­ed. The data is regu­lar­ly updated in the back­ground, so you will always find the che­a­pest gas station.

By tap­ping on the desi­red gas sta­ti­on in the over­view list, you will return to the detail­ed view.

Insert fuel stop and save fuel costs

You can navi­ga­te direct­ly to the sel­ec­ted gas sta­ti­on by tap­ping the “Insert gas stop” button.

Map­Trip will then cal­cu­la­te how much you have saved on this fill-up.

You will also get an over­view of how much you have alre­a­dy saved this month.

Set­tings for the type of gaso­li­ne and payment method

You can set num­e­rous types of gaso­li­ne, so not only die­sel and what payment method the gas sta­ti­on should accept. We have a wide ran­ge of fleet cards listed.

Gas sta­ti­on over­view in the navi­ga­ti­on map

Gas sta­ti­ons can be shown as POI sym­bols on the map and you can easi­ly navi­ga­te to a desi­red gas sta­ti­on by tap­ping on it. Then, howe­ver, wit­hout pri­ce com­pa­ri­son, but still very prac­ti­cal to have an over­view of pos­si­ble refue­ling opti­ons at any time.

Try out the func­tion for saving fuel costs yours­elf in the truck GPS navi­ga­ti­on! Down­load the demo ver­si­on with full func­tion­a­li­ty here: