The right navigation system for each sector

Every industry has its own requirements and needs, and we have the ambition to provide them with the right functions. Our solutions are already used in many sectors by the widest variety of customers. Depending on requirements, you can install our navigation functions into your software using an extensive software development kit (SDK) or control our navigation app via an API.

Logistics – MapTrip Truck

Trucks need a different GPS navigation app than cars. Limitations on height or weight are only the start. MapTrip Truck reflects a decade of experience in navigating trucks of all sizes quickly and safely to their destinations.

Waste Management – MapTrip FollowMe

MapTrip FollowMe is a special version of our GPS app with additional features for waste management, street cleaning and all those who have to follow complex routes. The identification of work and transfer routes as well as additional information and voice prompts now make MapTrip FollowMe the market leader in this sector. New developments and routes off the mapped streets and roads can be identified, edited and converted into new routes using the off-road feature of FollowMe.

Police, Fire Brigade, Rescue and Ambulance – MapTrip 112

When dispatched to the site of an incident a police officer, a fire fighter or the driver of an ambulance requires a different kind of guidance. The MapTrip 112 GPS app has been designed for this demanding environment.