A GPS navigation app, SDK and server interface for professional use cases in telematics, logistics, trucking, 112, waste disposal and more.

How to remote control the navigation from your app

Using Intents it is very easy to start MapTrip navigation from your own app.

The Android operating system provides a simple on-board tool to allow apps to communicate with each other. When your app sends an intent to MapTrip, the navigation starts and the route guidance begins.

Intents are a very simple way for one app to call another on the same device. Simply put, Intents are URLs that, similar to web pages, contain the recipient and a function to be performed by the recipient.

For example like this maptrip://navigate?latitude=50.738912&longitude=7.106772

MapTrip can do much more than just guide you to a destination. Therefore, the Intent interface also has numerous functions that go beyond a simple transfer of coordinates.

In the video we explain a demo application that we provide in our GitHub account. It allows developers to easily see the possibilities of the Intent interface of our navigation app.

If you need a deeper integration of navigation in your own app, you can use the MapTrip API. This creates a feedback channel from the navigation system into your own app, so that information such as the current calculated arrival time (ETA) can be retrieved.