Case-Study Airport Leipzig-Halle (Germany)

Watch how MapTrip FollowMe is used for winter services at the airport Leipzig.

René Kirsten, Head of Winter Service explains.

Helps you drive complex routes without local knowledge

MapTrip FollowMe supports you in driving extremely complex routes (as in waste collection). Working sections (bubbles) and transfer passages (yellow) are clearly shown on the map.

This gives intuitive instructions where to drive and which actions need to be performed while driving (disperse salt, collect garbage, snow plowing etc.).

With the support of MapTrip any driver can perform complex tasks even without local knowledge.

How to create a FollowMe route

Upload your GPS track

If you already have a file of the track you would like to drive, you can just upload it in the FollowMe Editor.

Record it while driving

You can use MapTrip to record a track while driving.

Create it in the Editor

In our online FollowMe Editor you can simply click on a map to create your track.

Add events to your route

Every route has it‘s tricky spots. Whether it is a low hanging branch that is in the way, a dead end street that has no room for turning or any other tricks that only the seasoned driver knows.

Insert an event into your route to capture this knowledge and make it available to every driver. MapTrip FollowMe will read it out loud and show it on the screen.

MapTrip FollowMe Editor

You can record tours in the vehicle or create them on the PC.

In our MapTrip FollowMe Editor, your dispatcher can create the tour manually by clicking on the corresponding sections or import existing GPS tracks. MapTrip FollowMe creates a drivable FollowMe Tour. The extensive editor offers numerous functions to edit, optimize or change the tours.