Case Study Rosenbauer

Thomas Hartinger, Head of Operations Management at Rosenbauer International AG, explains the advantages of MapTrip 112 compared to standard solutions for navigation of emergency vehicles.

Read about how MapTrip 112 is a successful component of Rosenbauer’s EMEREC software to help the emergency services.

Emergencies requires different routes

In an emergency, when driving to the site of an incident, it may be necessary to take an unusual turn at an intersection, go through a one-way- street or through a park. MapTrip 112 is ready to guide you that way.

The ideal case: Control center software combined with MapTrip 112

With its special functions for flashing light and siren deployment, MapTrip 112 perfectly complements all control center software.

Even the most modern standard navigation systems are not sufficient for flashing light and siren applications. They simply lack the information on temporary local street closures, as these are generally not reported to the transport services; information that is vitally important for emergency vehicles.

Another weakness is the map data for which much more up-to-date and detailed information is available in the cities and control centers than in the standard map data.

MapTrip 112 can be integrated with Control Center Software to blend seemlessly into existing systems.

Automatic synchronization of roadblocks in MapTrip 112

Edited map changes are automatically synchronized with MapTrip 112

Capture construction sites
Open one way streets
Remove turn restrictions