MapTrip - GPS App for Android

Our GPS App for Android MapTrip offers all the features you expect from a modern navigation app: excellent traffic avoidance and ease of use in all situations.

But MapTrip offers even more. There are several special versions for professional use. MapTrip Truck is the perfect navigation for trucks. MapTrip FollowMe allows you to navigate extremely complex routes such as waste disposal or street cleaning. MapTrip 112 is a special navigation for police, fire and rescue services.

Ease of use and the best routes

• Best in class routes and traffic data

• Easy to use interface

• Works offline and online

• Simple and fast

Professional navigation solutions

MapTrip is available in different flavors and with different features. Click below to explore what best suits your business requirements.

  • MapTrip Truck

    MapTrip for Trucks.

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  • MapTrip FollowMe

    MapTrip for super complex routes (e.g. Waste Disposal).

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  • MapTrip 112

    MapTrip for Police, Fire Fighters, Ambulances.

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Easy to use interface

Big buttons make MapTrip easy to use

• Intuitive user interface

• Large buttons for minimal distraction

• Store and edit tours

Real Time Traffic

Always find the best route through traffic

• Extremely detailed traffic information

• Live traffic data

• Automatic notification for faster routes

• Precise ETA calculation

Choose your favorite route

Choose the route that best fits your needs

You have 3 choices. Choose from:

• Fastest route

• Usual route

• Easiest route

Offline Navigation

Our GPS app for Android works both online and offline. Normally, the app connects to our servers to load routes with the optimal traffic jam avoidance from there. However, MapTrip can also be operated offline if the road maps on the mobile device have been downloaded beforehand.

GPS App for Developers

MapTrip is the optimal navigation software for developers. With the Intent Interface, the MapTrip API and the Software Development Kit, several tools are available to integrate navigation into your workflow.

Developers can use the MapTrip interface to remotely control navigation from their own app and, for example, launch a destination guide or query the ETA. With the Software Development Kit (SDK) you can easily add navigation functionality to existing apps or you can even develop your own navigation entirely.

  • MapTrip API

    Use the interface to control the GPS from your own app.

  • MapTrip SDK

    Use the SDK to add GPS features to your own app.


Your choice of Maps from TomTom, Here or OSM

You have the free choice between maps from TomTom, Here and OSM. Depending on geography and use case, one or the other provider may offer advantages. All maps are regularly updated by us. When you run MapTrip online you will always be using the latest maps automatically.