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Final spurt – our trainees on the home stretch!

We are proud of our trainees Leo Hein and Sipan Saleh. Both are training with us to become IT specialists in the field of application development.

Sipan Saleh
Leo Hein

Sipan and Leo are currently writing their final thesis, because already in May the final exam will take place for the trainees.

Both trainees wanted to write a demo application for their final thesis that shows the interaction between ServerAPI and MapTrip.

Of course, the results will be available later on our GitHub account as an example and we will create a tutorial and video for it.

Via server API display devices on a map, retrieve and display ETA and the route.

For Sipan’s final project, he will develop a demo application that serves as an introduction to the MapTrip Server API. With the application it should be possible to show the functionalities of the MapTrip Server API.

Therefore, an application is needed that can be used to retrieve all devices (vehicles) in a fleet. To use this, one must first authenticate with an account. In addition, information of the devices as well as their position should be displayed on a map.

Furthermore, one can filter through the list of devices as desired and trigger actions such as querying the current route.


Send a reference route via server API

Leo’s application is used to demonstrate an example use of our MapTrip Server API for telematics users.

In this case, either a reference route or an itinerary can be requested.

For this, the application accepts a list of coordinates in JSON or CSV format via a custom web interface.
The coordinates are processed and passed to the MapTrip Server API to perform route optimization (sequence optimization) and creation of the reference route or itinerary.

Afterwards, a request for the vehicle IDs of the requesting user is initiated in order to have the created route sent to these vehicles via MapTrip Remote.


Try out the Server-API for yourself now! Get a free demo token here and add it to the developer docs under Authorize. Try out all the features of the Server API.

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