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Emergency GPS

Develope your own emergency GPS navigation with the MapTrip SDK – a User Story of SafetyCT Netherlands

Here the driver sees all information at a glance.

Special requirements

To develope a emergency GPS navigation app for operational driving requires a very special expertise. While a wrong turn normally only means an annoying delay, it takes on a completely different meaning during an emergency drive – human lives can depend on it. Every minute counts and the most important goal is to guide the drivers to the scene of the emergency as quickly and safely as possible. This can only be done efficiently if all those involved receive all relevant information as quickly and clearly as possible from the moment an operation is reported. In addition to optimal routing, it is also important to create a clear view for drivers and  so that they have all the necessary information at a glance.

Einsatznavigation entwickeln
This is how the emergency GPS navigation developed in-house by SafetyCT with the MapTrip SDK looks like.

Next Generation Viewer and Navigation from the Netherlands

Based in Gronichem in the Netherlands, SafetyCT designs, develops and integrates solutions and applications for control centers, emergency services, security regions, crisis teams and companies for and with its customers. In doing so, safety-oriented action is in their DNA. The ultimate goal is to make operations better, faster and safer.

Shared values

The contact between Onno Stumphius, CEO SafetyCT, and Volker Wickenkamp, Sales Manager infoware, came about, even before Corona, quite classically at an event of the VFDB (GFPA German Fire Protection Association), in which both companies are actively involved.

It quickly became apparent that there was a great deal of common ground between the two organizations. infoware and SafetyCT both pursue a culture that contributes to safety and are both very service-oriented. And so, step by step, a new collaboration began to take shape and SafetyCT decided to develop its own GPS navigation application based on the MapTrip navigation SDK.

Develope emergency GPS navigation with the MapTrip SDK

Thousandfold proven quality – developed from the input and experience of end users

Onno Stumphius explains here again the aspects that led to the decision of MapTrip from his point of view.

„MapTrip is a proven navigation software used by thousands of emergency vehicles in Europe.

At the same time, the software has a modern look and feel and the operation is very user-friendly and intuitive for the user, so they don’t need any guidance.”

Simple and fast integration

This ease of use and user-friendliness continues for developers as well.

“It was very easy for our developers to integrate the GPS navigation feature into our app using the MapTrip SDK. They were well guided through the development process thanks to the extensive documentation. All in all, we were already done with the integration in about 2 weeks.”

For Android, iOS und Windows

Since all of SafetyCT’s apps are platform independent, it is very important to them and their customers that the software runs on all platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

 „This gives our customers the ability to continue using their existing hardware, no matter what type of hardware they purchase in the future. Since the application can be used on PCs, mobile data terminals, phones and tablets, the application can be used on different devices and different platforms within a customer.”

Design flexibility and quick customizations

The MapTrip SDK provides a professional and comprehensive development toolkit. Therefore, developers are completely free to design the GPS navigation according to your company’s design guidelines or purpose of use. For example, SafetyCt could adopt the layout of your vehicle information system.

Developers can make adjustments just as quickly using the MapTrip SDK:

„MapTrip also allows us to customize to specific customer requirements very easily. For example, we can easily integrate map material specifically for emergency services. “

Network control center and emergency vehicle

Mission control with networked relevant incident information is for a must have for successful mission control. Thanks to the interfaces in MapTrip, the control center software and the mobile applications for drivers and Officer’s in Charge can be easily synchronized.

„Another big plus is that MapTrip’s developer tool allows us to reuse all our experience in control center connectivity. 

The integration between our vehicle information system in the control center and the operational information system, an app for the Officer in Charge, also works perfectly. “

Develope emergency GPS navigation with the MapTrip SDK: Developers can adopt your application’s own design guidelines

To briefly explain, the GPS navigation and the operational information system are both used in the emergency vehicle. The GPS navigation for the driver, the operational information system for the Officer in Charge.

Through the integration, the Officer in Charge also sees the route on the operational information system in front of him, which is of great help.

Integrated information from incident, property, and environmental information such as Streetview/Earth, live streams.

Display vehicle position of all vehicles involved

The overview of all important information is crucial for the fast and safe execution of a mission.

“We were also excited about the possibility of using so-called “live points of interest”. This allows us to display the vehicle positions of all vehicles associated with the operation in both the GPS navigation system (for the driver) and the operational information system (for the Officer in Charge). So everyone can see at a glance where the other vehicles are.”

Special functions for emergency use

Most of the employees at SafetyCT are volunteers in the fire department. That’s why you can also quickly tell whether technology and usability are optimally aligned.

„We quickly noticed that the GPS navigation was developed for use in the field. For example, special functions such as emergency routing make things a lot easier in the event of an emergency. This makes it possible for drivers to drive against the direction of traffic on the last stretch of one-way streets, for example, during emergency trips.”

Draw roads and transfer them ad hoc into the GPS navigation

MapTrip also offers numerous special functions that have been developed specifically for the use of emergency vehicles. These have evolved from the experience and input of numerous fire departments and are continuously developed and adapted according to customer requirements.

For example, roads unsuitable for use can be blocked or cleared, or prioritized or avoided. As more and more customers have been looking for a way to draw and add missing roads to the map themselves, this feature has now been provided by MapTrip as well.

With the function live drawing of roads, e.g. important access roads can be drawn into the map and the changes are taken over ad hoc into the navigation. This is really unique, because thus the navigation really knows every passable road and access road.

Easy to integrate – quick implementation – quick start

The MapTrip SDK comes with numerous interfaces and extensive documentation. Just as easy and user-friendly as the application is for drivers, it is also possible for developers to implement it.

“We liked the ability to easily integrate with other systems, such as Talking Traffic/mobilidata, a system for creating a green wave at traffic lights.

Last but not least, and still just as important for us, we were convinced by the very fast and easy implementation. If you want to start a test tomorrow, you can do that too.”

And if you have any questions, MapTrip Support is also happy to help at any time.

Einsatznavigation entwickeln
Develope emergency GPS Navigation with MapTrip SDK.