The MapTrip Server-API for control centers

Read more about the Server-API and the functions of the server interface for control centers.

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New product – the MapTrip Server-API

The API for route optimization, route planning, ETA calculation, route optimization, geocoding and blocking/unblocking roads.

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Kartenupdates in rot markiert

Navigation Maps

Navigation maps – is an update worth it and what are the differences between OSM, Here and TomTom? In the article we explain this and what role traffic information plays.

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Guided navigation for public buses

Guided navigation for public buses- Transport companies are increasingly using changing drivers who are unfamiliar with the area. This makes guided navigation necessary even for public buses with fixed routes.

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Navigation für Müllfahrzeuge

GPS app for waste management – With MapTrip FollowMe, any driver can drive any route!

Navigation for waste management – With MapTrip FollowMe, any driver can drive any route! How MapTrip FollowMe helps with flexible workforce planning.

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Business Geomatics

Navigation for winter service – The Real Pac-Man?

Business Geomatics reports on the cooperation between info-tech solutions GmbH & Co. KG and infoware. Read more about the practical use of MapTrip FollowMe Navigation for municipal winter service and street cleaning.

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GPS for Truckers

Tutorial – How to integrate the Truck Navigation Interface

In this tutorial we take you on a step by step course to integrate the MapTrip Truck navigation interface into your own application. The tutorial consists of multiple lessons which build upon each other and take you through the process of building an app that remote controls MapTrip.

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ETA Calculation

How a GPS navigation software calculates the ETA

The article explains, how the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is calculated, how it takes live traffic information into account and how we use big data to improve our calculation.

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New How To Video On Truck Navigation

Julia from our sales team has created a how to video playlist explaining the most important features of our MapTrip Truck navigation app.

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