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Truck Parking

For our truck GPS nav MapTrip Truck, we looked for the best data on truck parking. We looked at data from TomTom and Here, as well as trying out a whole range of apps. Here we share what we found.

We divide our small market overview into three categories:

  1. Parking POI in navigation maps from TomTom and Here
  2. Crowd sourced apps where anyone can enter a parking space
  3. Booking platforms for paid parking spaces

Parking POI in the GPS App’s Maps

Parking POIs are offered as part of the map data by the manufacturers TomTom and Here. We call them static because only the publisher of the maps can change them. New parking spaces or changes to the additional information are therefore only available in conjunction with a map update. The updates are usually available every few months and anyone who has dealt with navigation knows that the updates are sometimes more or less complete.

Truck Parking
Truck parking in Germany (from TomTom map data)

Parking data and truck parking in particular are not the core business of either company. Therefore, we were not surprised that it is not easy to get a clear picture of the data quality. There are POIs called “Truck Stops”, but they are not supposed to be suitable for parking. We ourselves do not know how this is to be understood and are eagerly awaiting an explanation from the data provider.

In total, one of the providers has around 6,000 parking spaces for trucks in Germany and 16,000 in Europe. Most of the parking spaces are located along highways and at truck stops, but they can also be found in industrial parks.

The data situation for truck parking leaves TomTom and Here with an ambivalent picture. We believe that parking spaces along highways are well covered because this data is very close to the core business of the map providers. Other data, such as parking facilities in commercial areas, are rather not included.

Crowd-sourced Truck Parking Apps

By crowd-sourced apps, we mean apps where users can report and rate parking spaces themselves. Here, truckers themselves report the data that is most helpful to them. The apps usually involve searching for parking spaces and rating them. There are numerous options for narrowing down the search so that, for example, only parking spaces with showers are displayed.

Für unsere Übersicht haben wir uns im Google Play Store umgeschaut und zeigen hier die beliebtesten Apps gemessen an der Zahl der Downloads und der Bewertung.

Truck Parking Europe

Communitiy app with many filtering options and gamification (reward system) for contributing information. 11,000 ratings; 4.2 stars

The app allows you to search along a route. In doing so, one can enter the remaining driving time before having to take a break at a parking lot. In addition to the app, there is a website for dispatchers to book a parking space. Info about the booked parking space can in turn be sent to the driver.

TransParking EU

Also a community app where users can upload and rate content. Gamification. 1,900 ratings; 4.4 stars

You can report the occupancy of the parking spaces in the app. You can also upload photos to share your own pictures. There is an application for dispatchers to send a parking space to the driver.


Truckfly is not just a parking app, but also a community app for other services that might be relevant for truckers. 5,900 ratings; 4.4 stars

An app for the European market with a broader focus beyond truck parking.

Truck Parking Reservation Apps

In this category, we have classified apps whose focus is on reserving and booking truck parking spaces. Here, the focus is on the task of firmly reserving a parking space for a specific vehicle. Often, these are guarded or secured parking spaces. This area still seems to be in its infancy, at least the low number of ratings and parking spaces suggests that.

Kravag Truck Parking

For Kravag customers only. According to the website, parking spaces can be booked on trucking company premises by cell phone or by the dispatcher. 27 reviews; 4 stars

The drivers can use the recreation rooms and sanitary facilities of the forwarding company. Key-free access via app.

Travis Road Service

Reservable parking spaces on company premises are offered. 13 reviews; 4.5 stars

Website and app for finding truck parking, truck washing, tank cleaning and truck repair.

Bosch Secure Truck Parking

Website and app for Europe-wide booking and payment of truck parking. 8 reviews; 4 stars

Truck parking spaces both in car yards and on company premises near the highway. Companies with large company parking lots can rent them out at night as truck parking spaces. Parking lots are monitored by camera and security personnel are automatically notified.

Insider Tip:

The private operator Peter Mennel from Austria (Lingenau) maintains a website with regular parking lots and industrial areas at German highways, where trucks can park safely and quietly “without endangering themselves and others”. You can also find a link collection about trucker videos and other scene info.

Peter Mennel LKW-Parkplaetze
Peter Mennel, Betreiber von

Approx. 10,000 free truck parking spaces in over 400 industrial areas near highways. Download as PDF (61 pages) or e-mail. Sorted by highway, no search function.