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MapTrip 112

GPS App for Fire Department, Police and Ambulances

This video gives a short overview of MapTrip 112 the professional GPS app for Police, Fire Department, Ambulances and all other first responders and BOS vehicles. Download the GPS app here.

How is a GPS App for a Fire Department different?

Fire department, Police and Rescue vehicles drive differently than the rest of us. Therefore they also need a special GPS app to guide them. In the 112-environment a GPS app

  • must always work regardless of an internet connection.
  • must be connected to the control center.
  • must allow custom map edits to block narrow roads or open parks and pedestrian areas for the vehicles.
  • must (in the right places) ignore turning restrictions that do not apply to emergency vehicles when on a mission.

GPS App jointly developed with Fire Department

Our MapTrip 112 GPS app is based on the regular MapTrip Truck GPS app. Over the years we have worked closely with Fire Departments and listened to their requirements. In order to cover all the requirements we have also developed the 112-Editor. It is a web page which allows you to edit the maps to block / unblock roads or modify turning restrictions where necessary.

Maps from TomTom, Here or Open Street Map

MapTrip can be used with the most current maps from TomTom, Here or Open Street Map (OSM). All maps can be edited in the 112-Editor to reflect your local requirements. We offer the choice of maps because depending on the area on or the other provider may hold advantages.

Try it out!

If you would like to learn more about MapTrip 112 please do not hesitate to contact us and download the app to try it out.