We are the makers of the professional navigation software MapTrip

Whether for logistics, police, fire departments, waste disposal or winter service. Our navigation MapTrip meets professional requirements worldwide.

For over 15 years infoware has been specialized in GPS navigation software. Our software MapTrip caters to the needs of professional drivers in many different industries. Over the years, MapTrip has evolved into a veritable software ecosystem, encompassing all aspects of GPS navigation. It extends from software for mobile devices to server interfaces and web applications.

We are closely cooperating with data providers such as HERE Maps and TomTom. They provide us with the raw map and traffic data which is being used in MapTrip and its backend. At the same time Open Street Map also plays an important role in providing detailed and up-to-date data.

At infoware we strive to provide state-of-the-art navigation solutions while catering to the requirements of professional users regarding special features, interfaces, support and maintenance.